A Tribute to the BBC Dance Orchestra

In 1930s Britain, the biggest “pop star” was Henry Hall, leader of the BBC Dance Orchestra, whose daily broadcasts were heard by millions. Now tunes he made famous are introduced in brand new recordings by Mart Sander and the Swing Swindlers! This is a great way to hear the fine soft swing in super sound and fine performances.

Track Listing

    Henry Hall:

  1. Five-Fifteen, BBC (2:20)
  2. Cole Porter:

  3. It’s D’Lovely (2:36)
  4. Robert Craig Wright:

  5. Avenue of Trees (4:13)
  6. Harry Warren:

  7. Keep Young and Beautiful (2:54)
  8. Richard Whiting:

  9. Too Marvellous for Words (2:44)
  10. Vincent Youmans:

  11. Rise ‘n’ Shine (2:35)
  12. Ray Noble:

  13. Love is the Sweetest Thing (2:46)
  14. Cliff Friend:

  15. Concert in the Park (3:00)
  16. Maria Grever:

  17. What a Difference a Day Made (4:37)
  18. Frank Churchill:

  19. Some Day my Prince will come (3:13)
  20. Joseph Burke:

  21. I’ve Got a Pocketful of Dreams (2:04)
  22. It Looks like Rain in Cherry Blossom Lane (2:57)
  23. Harry Warren:

  24. Jeepers Creepers (2:59)
  25. Eric Coates:

  26. By the Sleepy Lagoon (2:50)
  27. Henry Hall:

  28. Radio Times (2:38)
  29. Johnny Mercer:

  30. You grow Sweeter as the Years go by (3:32)
  31. Arthur Freed:

  32. Yours and Mine (3:10)
  33. Harry Warren:

  34. Shuffle off to Buffalo (2:56)
  35. George Bassman:

  36. I’m Getting Sentimental over You (3:40)
  37. Arthur Freed:

  38. Pagan Love Song (2:15)
  39. Michael Edwards:

  40. Once in a While (3:46)
  41. Buddy de Sylva:

  42. Wishing will make it so (3:33)
  43. Victor Schertzinger:

  44. One Night of Love (3:09)
  45. Harry Warren:

  46. You’re Getting to be a Habit with Me (2:42)
  47. Lew Pollack:

  48. Happy Ending (3:01)


Musical Opinion


” —Denby Richards
Big Bands International

it’s all here… all the nuances of the BBC Dance Orchestra on display and all the vocalists in perfect accord with the period. Lovingly played… superbly recorded.

” —Peter Green
Light Music Society Newsletter

Mart Sander’s Swing Swindlers seem to have captured the original style very well… sensitively performed, beautifully recorded tone. [The vocalists’] tone is smooth and diction is perfect.

” —Peter Edwards

very talented young Estonian Musicians… the rhythm section is a great improvement on the original. To the people who like the Henry Hall style of music, this is a welcome recreation of a very famous orchestra’s work.

” —Don Mather
Memory Lane

sound quality is superb and the overall result something of a knockout

” —Barry McCanna

a wonderful and enchanting glimpse into the past innocence of a by-gone era. The music is delightful on many fronts

” —Edward Blanco
York Evening Press

a quiet joy…in a state-of-the –art recording

” —Ron Burnett
New England Regional Press

golden melodies and lyrics… all will appeal… have a wonderful time discovering them

” —Frank Behrens