New England Regional Press

There are those who remember the great tunes of the 1930s and 1940s and there are those who would have a wonderful time discovering them. There are two ways for a recording to capture those golden melodies and lyrics: transfer to CDs the original 78 rpm discs or have contemporary artists carefully reproduce their sounds.

A group in Great Britain called Mart Sander and his Bel-Etage Swing Swindlers has pretty well mastered the second method, and the results can be seen on the Divine Art disc “Five-Fifteen: a Tribute to the BBC Dance Orchestra”. Here, vocalists and players come very close to recreating the old-time recordings of such classics as “It’s D’Lovely” and “Some Day my Prince will Come”, and 19 others. Most of them are very familiar to those who grew up hearing them and all of them should appeal to younger listeners who would like to learn what bouncy tunes and cleverly mingled clichés were sung by vocalists who were trained to pronounce and enunciate the English language!”

—Frank Behrens