Catalogue No: DDA 25074
EAN/UPC: 809730507427
Composers: , , ,
Release Date: April 2009
Genres: ,
Periods: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 69:18

It takes a particular and extreme level of skill and dedication to perform virtuoso works for unaccompanied solo violin; suffice it to say these are qualities held by George Zacharias without doubt. This is a tour-de-force of musicianship and technique – and wonderful music too. Bartok’s Sonata is presented in its original version and of the two awesome Paganini works, the ‘God Save the King’ Variations are very rarely heard.

Track Listing

    Niccolo Paganini:

  1. I. Variations on ‘Nel piu non mi sento − Introduction: a capriccio (1:34)
  2. II. Variations on ‘Nel piu non mi sento − Tema: Andante (1:59)
  3. III. Variations on ‘Nel piu non mi sento − Variation 1 – Brillante (1:36)
  4. IV. Variations on ‘Nel piu non mi sento − Variation 2 (1:26)
  5. V. Variations on ‘Nel piu non mi sento − Variation 3- Piu lento (1:50)
  6. VI. Variations on ‘Nel piu non mi sento − Variation 4 – Allegro (0:55)
  7. VII. Variations on ‘Nel piu non mi sento − Vatriation 5 (1:04)
  8. VIII. Variations on ‘Nel piu non mi sento − Variation 6 – Appassionato (1:39)
  9. IX. Variations on ‘Nel piu non mi sento − Finale – Vivace-coda (2:08)
  10. Bela Bartók:

  11. I. Sonata for Solo Violin − I – Tempo di ciaccona (10:01)
  12. II. Sonata for Solo Violin − II – Fuga (4:53)
  13. III. Sonata for Solo Violin − III – Melodia (6:04)
  14. IV. Sonata for Solo Violin − IV – Presto (5:54)
  15. Nikos Skalkottas:

  16. I. Sonata fur Geige allein − I – Allegro furioso (2:36)
  17. II. Sonata fur Geige allein − II – Adagietto (2:20)
  18. III. Sonata fur Geige allein − III Allegro ritmato (1:49)
  19. IV. Sonata fur Geige allein − IV Adagio quasi recitativo (5:14)
  20. Eugene Ysaye:

  21. Sonate pour violin seul (7:50)
  22. Niccolo Paganini:

  23. I. “God Save the King” Variations − Tema – Andante (0:57)
  24. II. “God Save the King” Variations − Variation 1 – Un poco piu spiritoso (0:52)
  25. III. “God Save the King” Variations − Variation 2 – Con molto di dolcezza (0:55)
  26. IV. “God Save the King” Variations − Variation 3 – Lento (1:12)
  27. V. “God Save the King” Variations − Variation 4 – Vivace (1:03)
  28. VI. “God Save the King” Variations − Variation 5 – Larghetto (1:36)
  29. VII. “God Save the King” Variations − Finale – Presto (1:15)



This is a formidable solo recital from a highly accomplished musician. Voicings are varied subtly and imaginatively… a small master class in accentuation, dynamic shading and myriad suggestive coloristic devices – all sounding perfectly natural and unforced. Few attempt the God Save the King so ferocious are the demands, Wrist-numbing drama, projected with unstinting panache. Adding to the lustre of the disc is the booklet. When one encounters excellence of this kind its right to acknowledge the fact. So too the recorded sound and the recital as a whole. RECORDING OF THE MONTH

” —Jonathan Woolf
The Strad

By any standards this is an outstanding disc debut. Brilliantly played – fellow fiddlers will blanch to hear him (Gold Star Recommended CD)

” —Tully Potter
Musical Pointers

An excellent solo violin recital. The Paganini choices are unusual ones, and confirm this player’s credentials as a top class virtuoso…. the whole is very satisfying.

” —Peter Grahame Woolf
International Record Review

Zacharias leaves one lost in admiration at his remarkable facility… , this is one of the finest recordings currently available [of the Bartók]. Zacharias proves especially persuasive in these enormously demanding opuses, tracing their expressive logic with a probing assuredness that is enormously compelling. I look forward to his next release with eager anticipation.

” —Julian Haylock

In all aspects, the rendition of the music on this disc by George Zacharias is well performed. His interpretations reflect not only a highly refined technique but also empathy with the essence of the music. It is well recommended.

” —Zane Turner

The young Greek’s technical acuity… he has sharpened to a sharpness that allows him to indulge in dramatic gestures… thoroughly mastered the virtuosic effects. Generally squeaky-clean performances

” —Robert Maxham