A superb programme of choral works based on or inspired by Psalms, with items from the 16th century and many new works specially commissioned by SDG Music Foundation as part of their worldwide Psalms Project.

Delightfully varied including awesome arrangements of African-American spirituals as well as a range of contemporary works by composers from several countries, this album displays the excellent qualities of Cor Cantiamo. It will appeal to anyone who loves good singing whatever their religious beliefs!

Booklet includes all the texts.

Track Listing

    Ily Matthew Maniano:

  1. Doxologia (6:36)
  2. Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck:

  3. Chantez à Dieu (2:01)
  4. Gavin Bryars:

  5. Psalm 141 (7:08)
  6. Craig Hella Johnson:

  7. Hard Times (5:55)
  8. Carol Barnett:

  9. By and By (3:17)
  10. Giovanni Pierluigi de Palestrina:

  11. Exultate Deo (1:56)
  12. Eriks Esenvalds:

  13. Psalm 67 (6:11)
  14. Galina Grigorjeva:

  15. Bless the Lord, o my Soul (5:10)
  16. Peter Bannister:

  17. Psalm 96 (9:52)
  18. Daniel Kellogg:

  19. Preserve me, O God (6:20)
  20. Moses Hogan:

  21. Didn’t My Lord deliver Daniel? (2:40)
  22. William Appling:

  23. We shall walk through the valley in peace (3:43)


The Methodist Recorder

There is a wealth of choral settings here which work well with the concepts of both struggle and celebration. This CD is a handy collection with an eclectic range of musical styles.

” —Harvey Richardson
The Chronicle

This is a rather wonderful album and will appeal both to people who like singing and choirs, and those who don’t care much about choirs but like nice music. It’s a rich album … meaty and heartfelt songs that were written to be performed for the Almighty.It’s a powerful CD … there’s much to appreciate.

” —Jeremy Condliffe

This album is structured like a number of choral concerts of the present day: a variety of single pieces, with styles and centuries interleaved. When done well (as it is here), the result is a very enjoyable listening experience. Attractive performances of attractive pieces all around.

” —Carson Cooman
American Record Guide

Palestrina sounds terrific under [the choir’s] care, as do contemporary works. Not every work here is a masterpiece, but the choir does its commendable best to make them sound that way. Maestro Johnson is the Director of Choral Activities at Northern Illinois. He obviously knows what he’s doing.

” —Philip Greenfield