Idylls and Elegies - Music by John Jeffreys

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Idylls and Elegies – Music by John Jeffreys

The music of John Jeffreys is an absolute delight – overtly Romantic and non-modernist, very much in the tradition of Delius, Warlock and Vaughan Williams. Here a number of delicious orchestral works of stunning beauty are accompanied by fine dramatic vocal works and a Suite of Variations for piano. This CD is essential for anyone […]

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What The Critics Are Saying…

This [is] a lovely thing to have, as an object: a nice box, with seven CDs and a thick booklet. That’s before you hear a note. The CDs have been carefully planned as separate programmes. The playing is superb throughout. If you’ve ever thought you’d like some cultured music but don’t know where to start, this is it.

” —Jeremy Condliffe, The Chronicle

This has got to be one of the coolest things… by definition [the carols] are all short and definitely sweet. It’s like having high-quality carol singers round your house. It’s a delightful and atmospheric programme of Christmas music.

” —Jeremy Condliffe, The Chronicle

Neat, undemonstrative and individual little carols that totally surpass their ‘closed circle’ origins.

” —Andrew Mellor, Gramophone

The compositional style and harmonic language of both composers is highly complex and adventurous… it is very individual, drawing upon many influences and diverse techniques. Gemini is one of Britain’s most important and most durable contemporary music ensembles. Gemini can certainly be regarded as ideal interpreters of this music. These are indeed excellent and fully committed performances.

” —David Ross, The Clarinet

Latest News

Teresa Cahill honored with two awards

Congratulations to Teresa Cahill who was honored with two achievement awards this year: The Elgar Medal (previous winners include Ashkenazy and Barenboim), and the Sir Charles Santley Memorial Award from the Worshipful Company of Musicians.

New recording of music by Naji Hakim

Among a full schedule for 2018 is a new recording of works by Naji Hakim centering on organ and harpsichord. The main soloist is Simon Leach, joined for two works by violinists Benedict Holland, and for one each by recorder player John Turner and tenor Ranald McCusker, the latter singing a plainsong introduction to the program. […]

Contemporary jazz from Panayiotis Demopoulos

The name of Greek (English trained) pianist/composer Panayiotis Demopoulos will be appearing regularly in Divine Art Group news. He is planning new recordings of both solo piano music and chamber works, and meanwhile the spring will see him in a different genre altogether, that of contemporary jazz. His solo improvisational Suite ‘Nina’s Clock’ was recorded in England by ASC and is […]