Via Crucis


Catalogue No: PPS 27002
EAN/UPC: 5028117700229
Artists: , , , , , ,
Release Date: September 1999
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 48:44


A new cantata, written in the most beautiful and sumptuous traditional tonal harmonies by Armando Pierucci to poems by Regina Derieva on the subject of the Stations of the Cross. A suberb new choral work described by one critic as “a major discovery”. Recorded in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Full score also available – £8.00: also anthologies of poems by Derieva.

Track Listing

    Armando Pierucci:

  1. I. Via Crucis – Prologue (3:40)
  2. II. Via Crucis – Station I (2:17)
  3. III. Via Crucis – Station II (3:17)
  4. IV. Via Crucis – Station III (2:59)
  5. V. Via Crucis – Station IV (3:49)
  6. VI. Via Crucis – Station V (2:23)
  7. VII. Via Crucis – Station VI (1:57)
  8. VIII. Via Crucis – Station VII (2:53)
  9. IX. Via Crucis – Station VIII (2:52)
  10. X. Via Crucis – Station IX (3:40)
  11. XI. Via Crucis – Station X (1:34)
  12. XII. Via Crucis – Station XI (2:24)
  13. XIII. Via Crucis – Station XII (3:26)
  14. XIV. Via Crucis – Station XIII (4:20)
  15. XV. Via Crucis – Station XIV (3:03)
  16. XVI. Via Crucis – Epilogue (4:10)



[The music] is simple, slow-moving, making its calm way forward in straightforward melodic lines. Reliable performances, good sound.

” —Martin Anderson
Choir & Organ

fascinating.. the singing is excellent.. the acoustic and engineering first class. .overall a disc worth buying for the singing alone

” —Peter Beaven
Musical Opinion

Exceptionally well performed and recorded

” —Robert Matthew-Walker

DISCOVERY OF THE MONTH’ APRIL 2011: I’m indebted to Stephen Sutton of Divine Art for suggesting that I listen to this recording, another of their successful forays into the Baltic states. (See the very different Five-Fifteen recording from Estonia, a wonderful recreation of 1930s dance-band style which I reviewed in November 2010). Humphrey Smith awarded […]

” —Brian Wilson
Church Times

There is something edifying about the beautiful delivery of Via Crucis. The music seems to cross many barriers. The choruses, solos and organ interludes are simple and diatonic, yet somehow fresh and original. The four soloists are first class. English and Italian translations are included.

” —Roderic Dunnett

Soprano Gintare Skeryté is particularly impressive. The music is not especially dramatic, but it is often impassioned… order the physical disc when you are as impressed as I’m sure you will be. DISCOVERY OF THE MONTH APRIL 2011

” —Humphrey Smith