Trio Anima Mundi – Romantic Piano Trios


Catalogue No: DDA 25102
EAN/UPC: 809730510229
Composers: , , ,
Release Date: October 2013
Periods: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 83:46

The debut disc from one of Australia’s foremost ensembles which is making a very big name in its own territory and will shortly be well known worldwide if this album is anything to go by. Wonderful performances of high-Romantic pieces.

Track Listing

    William Hurlstone:

  1. I. Piano Trio in G major − I. Allegro moderato (9:45)
  2. II. Piano Trio in G major − II. Andante (6:59)
  3. III. Piano Trio in G major − III. Molto vivace (5:56)
  4. IV. Piano Trio in G major − IV. Allegro comodo (6:48)
  5. Miriam Hyde:

  6. Fantasy Trio (9:00)
  7. Max d’Ollone

  8. I. Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello in A minor − I. Allegro ma non troppo (9:51)
  9. II. Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello in A minor − II. Adagio (9:54)
  10. III. Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello in A minor − III. Scherzo: Allegro (4:25)
  11. IV. Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello in A minor − IV. Finale: Presto (4:56)
  12. Dag Wiren:

  13. I. Piano Trio No. 1, Op. 6 − I. Allegro (6:00)
  14. II. Piano Trio No. 1, Op. 6 − II. Adagio (4:20)
  15. III. Piano Trio No. 1, Op. 6 − III. Fughetta (1:12)
  16. IV. Piano Trio No. 1, Op. 6 − IV. Alla passacaglia (4:23)



As to chamber music this has to be the CD of the year and, perhaps, many years to come.  It is a delightful double disc of unusual piano trios, beautifully played and very well recorded. The playing … is sumptuous; the texture superb; the balance impeccable and we are in the presence of three amazing musicians. They are not out to be showmen but to be faithful to the music which they are. This is the chamber music disc of the year. You will lose out if you do not buy it. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

” —David C F Wright

This pair of discs on the Divine Art label brings together four consistently attractive works that defy the fashion of their times in adopting a firmly tonal idiom and conventional musical structures. William Hurlstone was a short-lived composer of great promise who died in 1906 when barely 30. His Piano Trio is immaculately constructed, using […]

” —Edward Greenfield

Here is a highly attractive quartet of early 20th-century piano trios, all written in a Romantic vein, by little-known composers from four countries: England, Australia, France, and Sweden. Individually [the instrumentalists] are all highly accomplished artists; collectively they make a tightly-knit and musically unified team. Brockman’s cello playing in particular I find mesmerizing; it reminds me of Jacqueline du Pré for her big, swashbuckling sound and passionate intensity. The acoustic setting is full and spacious, and serves the musicians well as they all have highly appealing sounds. Whether or not you are on the lookout for something new and different, this release is a top recommendation.

” —Robert Markow
The Classical Reviewer

This new disc has something of an international flavour with composers from Britain, Australia, France and Sweden. There is playing of much warmth and understanding from the Trio Anima Mundi… terrifically fine playing. This is a fascinating and rewarding disc… The recording is excellent. There are informative booklet notes by the trio’s pianist, Kenji Fujimura.

” —Bruce Reader
International Record Review

William Hurlstone’s Trio … as memorable and perfectly proportioned as anything by Brahms. I eagerly await … future albums, meanwhile strongly recommending this release to lovers of fine playing and unjustly neglected repertoire.

” —Michael Round

Consistently expert performances do everything full justice. A delightfully instructive release.

” —R.J. Stove
American Record Guide

The tone is excellent, and the interpretations bring out the freshness of the works. I am pleased that this ensemble chose to release a fine recording of neglected works rather than another average recording of familiar ones.

” —Greg Pagel

This CD explores four pieces of music by a diverse group of composers. The quality of their music is impressive … Max d’Ollone’s Trio in A minor is one of the best works in this genre that I have heard. The presentation of this disc is ideal. The sound quality is excellent. I enjoyed the committed playing and consider that Trio Anima Mundi truly responds to this ‘romantic’ music; they are in their element. RECORDING OF THE YEAR 2013

” —John France

This was a late arrival on my list, featuring four essentially unknown works in my favourite chamber music genre. John France, in his review, made what I thought at the time was an over-the-top comment about the d’Ollone trio: “one of the best works in this genre that I have heard”. Having now heard it, […]

” —David Barker
Albion Magazine

The performance here is a convincing one with a generally warm and lyrical reading … a version that I am happy to recommend.

” —Em Marshall-Luck
Readings Bookstores Australia

Four magnificent trios … interesting, accessible and best of all performed by our own local musicians. RECORDING OF THE MONTH JANUARY 2014

” —Kate Rockstrom

Divine Art deserves praise for this release. [d’Ollone’s] Trio is a late-Romantic and avant-garde work with harmonic boldness and rhythmic finesse. Wirén’s Piano Trio No. 1 is an original work full of vitality and sassy harmony. The works are exciting and should ensure the spotlight is turned onto these composers and performers. – Repertoire: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sound ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Interpretation ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️

” —Isabel Fedrizzi