Schubert: The Unauthorised Piano Duos, Volume 3


Catalogue No: DDA 25125
EAN/UPC: 809730512520
Release Date: July 2015
Genres: , ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 73:55

A fascinating and historically consequential recording, which follows the enthusiastic praise of the earlier volumes in this intriguing series. Here, we have firstly the world premiere recording of the ‘Death and the Maiden’ Quartet, transcribed by Robert Franz, better known for his lieder and who was almost contemporary with Schubert (he was 18 years younger).

Even more exciting is the first ever recording of the transcribed version of the ‘Unfinished’ Symphony – but also in its complete new 2014) performing edition; the first two movements were transcribed by Schubert’s friend Hüttenbrenner; the third completed from Schubert’s part-finished movement by Anthony Goldstone, and the finale (also known as the Entracte from Rosamunde), transcribed by Friedrich Hermann with further adaptations by Anthony Goldstone. Essential listening.

Volumes One (DDA 25026) and Two (DDA 25039) also available.

Track Listing

    Franz Schubert:

  1. I. String Quartet in D minor, D.810 − I. Allegro (11:33)
  2. II. String Quartet in D minor, D.810 − II. Andante con moto (13:15)
  3. III. String Quartet in D minor, D.810 − III. Scherzo and Trio: Allegro molto (3:46)
  4. IV. String Quartet in D minor, D.810 − IV. Presto-Prestissimo (9:54)
  5. I. Symphony No. 8 in B minor, D.759 & 797/1 − I. Allegro moderato (11:11)
  6. II. Symphony No. 8 in B minor, D.759 & 797/1 − II. Andante con moto (10:44)
  7. III. Symphony No. 8 in B minor, D.759 & 797/1 − III. Scherzo and Trio: Allegro-Poco meno mosso (6:32)
  8. IV. Symphony No. 8 in B minor, D.759 & 797/1 − IV. Allegro (7:00)


The Classical Reviewer

Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow continue to add to their impressive catalogue of recordings for Divine Art. Their sense of poetry, contrasting Schubert’s many moods, brings so many rewards. Theirs is quite simply an intuitive partnership. This is great Schubert.  Phenomenal playing … the recorded sound is first rate.

” —Bruce Reader

If you love Schubert’s music, you ought to hear this. The Death and the Maiden, works wondrously on the piano, and Goldstone and his partner Caroline Clemmow deliver an impassioned, gripping perform­ance that may occasionally make you forget that you are in fact hearing a transcription. The sound is excellent, as are Goldstone’s informative notes. A most stimulating release that has my highest recommendation.

” —Radu A. Lelutiu
OzArts Review

[Death and the Maiden is heard] in a version of excellence which I recommend warmly… engrossing listening…. impeccably handled. {The Symphony arrangement is] a delightful musical outcome, the players reaching for the stars. The second movement, too, is a model of good taste. Goldstone has transcribed the third movement from Schubert’s sketches. It’s beautifully done and fits the overall presentation like a glove.

” —Neville Cohn

Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow (Goldstone and Clemmow) give a hugely attractive and competent rendition of these two popular works by Franz Schubert. [The arrangements] can bring fresh life to what is often a hackneyed original … in the current piano duo version it is possible to hear nuances and details that have been submerged or blurred by repeated hearings. I think it is the ‘freshness’ of the present recordings of Schubert that have impressed me most of all. Based on the sheer delight that this present recording offers, [the first two volumes] will be essential listening.

” —John France
Brattleboro Reformer

Piano redactions (or transcriptions, if you will) of orchestral works … reveal the bone structure, so to speak, of the piece. Excellent examples of redactions are those played on many Divine Art CDs by Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow. I already have several such discs in my collection and I am delighted with their latest release, Franz Schubert, The Authorized Piano Duos, vol. 3. I always look forward to more from this excellent couple.

” —Frank Behrens

Goldstone and Clemmow are arguably the best piano duo active today. I have not yet heard a bad or mediocre performance by them. In this volume, two of Schubert’s greatest works are presented in attractive four-hand arrangements. Possibly the best volume of this series, Schubert’s Death and the Maiden quartet and Unfinished Symphony are masterpieces worth hearing on the piano. Goldstone and Clemmow are at the height of their powers.

” —Hexameron
The Chronicle

There’s something strangely comforting about this CD … it’s tried and tested old music brought up to date by Anthony Goldstone, who, with Caroline Clemmow, is one of the world’s leading pianists. As might be expected, Goldstone and Clemmow play to the highest standard, and if you’re fans of them or Schubert, you’ll enjoy this. Given the superb sleeve notes, you’ll be able to listen with knowledgeable ears whatever your depth of comprehension.

” —Jeremy Condliffe
The Guardian

Speculation about the sounds that might have resonated beyond Schubert’s double-bar line has never gone away, and Caroline Clemmow and Anthony Goldstone’s album provides an answer … of sorts. These glimpses inside Schubert’s working mind of course prove irresistible.

” —Philip Clark