Brattleboro Reformer

Doctors of all sorts begin their studies with the structure of the human body, one subtopic of which is the skeletal system. Knowing the latter gives one a deeper appreciation of the human body and how it functions.

Well, that is how I feel about piano redactions (or transcriptions, if you will) of orchestral works, in as much as they reveal the bone structure, so to speak, of the piece. Excellent examples of redactions are those played on many Divine Art CDs by Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow. I already have several such discs in my collection and I am delighted with their latest release, “Franz Schubert, The Authorized Piano Duos, vol. 3.” Here we have transcribed for one piano, four hands, the “‘Death and the Maiden’ Quartet” and the “complete performing edition” of “Symphony No. 8,” better known as the “Unfinished.”

However, for reasons set out in the program notes, the latter has been “finished.” That is, Goldstone has created a third movement, while an older transcription by one Friedrich Hermann of a selection from Schubert’s “Rosamunde” is used for the fourth movement. Well, it does no harm and certainly adds to the interest of this recording.

I always look forward to more from this excellent couple.

—Frank Behrens