Remembering Alfred Deller


Catalogue No: DDA 25114
EAN/UPC: 809730511424
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Release Date: May 2014
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Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 59:36

Alfred Deller was ‘discovered’ by Michael Tippett, and with the supprt of Tippett, Walter Bergmann and others, re-introduced the countertenor voice to the current music repertoire. His influence cannot be overstated. This CD is a tribute to Deller by musicians who have carried on his tradition in major contributions to music both in Britain and around the globe. Music from the late 17th century to the end of the 20th, of incredible beauty and charm.

Track Listing

    Walter Bergmann:

  1. Pastorale (3:21)
  2. Michael Tippett:

  3. I. Four Inventions − I. Andante (0:55)
  4. II. Four Inventions − II. Allegro molto (0:34)
  5. III. Four Inventions − III. Adagio (1:33)
  6. IV. Four Inventions − IV. Allegro moderato (0:36)
  7. Alan Ridout:

  8. Soliloquy (5:10)
  9. William Williams:

  10. I. Sonata in A minor for two recorders and continuo − I. Adagio (1:23)
  11. II. Sonata in A minor for two recorders and continuo − II. Vivace (2:58)
  12. III. Sonata in A minor for two recorders and continuo − III. Allegro (1:39)
  13. John Blow:

  14. I. Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell − I (4:03)
  15. II. Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell − II (4:29)
  16. III. Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell − III (3:02)
  17. IV. Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell − IV (1:51)
  18. V. Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell − V (2:32)
  19. VI. Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell − VI (3:40)
  20. VII. Ode on the Death of Mr. Henry Purcell − VII (2:33)
  21. George Frederic Handel:

  22. I. Sonata in F major for two recorders and continuo − I. Allegro (2:14)
  23. II. Sonata in F major for two recorders and continuo − II. Grave (1:28)
  24. III. Sonata in F major for two recorders and continuo − III. Allegro (2:09)
  25. Peter Racine Fricker:

  26. Elegy: The Tomb of St. Eulalia, Op. 25 (7:35)
  27. Walter Bergmann:

  28. I. Three Songs for countertenor and guitar − I. Mater cantans filio (1:26)
  29. II. Three Songs for countertenor and guitar − II. To Musick (2:36)
  30. III. Three Songs for countertenor and guitar − III. Chop-Cherry (0:50)


Gapplegate Classical Modern Music

A well conceived album of early and contemporary music. The album by showing both the modern look-back of contemporary composers and some of the revived works gives you a feel for the impact the rise of Deller and the early music movement had last century. It is an absorbing listen, a nicely performed, even surprising program of affinities and influence. Well-worth hearing and studying in depth!

” —Grego Applegate Edwards
Recorder Magazine

With such a stellar line-up of distinguished vocalists and instrumentalists a performance of deep understanding and matchless sensitivity is assured. An amazing cast of superb musicians … a wide range of quality music. This is surely a CD which will remain essential listening for many years to come.

” —Adam J Dopadlik
Music For All Seasons

An interesting mix of Baroque and contemporary compositions that came to be associated with the late English countertenor Alfred Deller. James Bowman and Robin Blaze display dazzling vocal technique… With its handsome packaging, its extensively researched and excellently written booklet by John Turner and its enticing mix of rare and familiar compositions for voice and recorders this album is a welcome addition to the library of any serious collector.

” —Rafael de Acha

This disc contains a great deal of variety and the sound of each work is clear and pristine. If you love Baroque music, whether you are old enough to remember Alfred Deller or not, you will want to hear this recording.

” —Maria Nockin
The Whole Note

An obvious way of remembering Deller would have been to reissue some of his recordings but the producers of the CD have hit on some­thing much more imaginative. The recording commemorates not only Deller himself but two others who were central to the revival of early music in the 40s and 50s; Michael Tippett and Walter Bergmann. The disc is as welcome as it would have been two years ago [the Deller centenary]

” —Hans de Groot

Alfred Deller is the focal point in this intriguing selection of music. This interestingly programmed and thoughtfully prepared disc comes with good notes and texts. It salutes Deller’s memory and continuing influence.

” —Jonathan Woolf

A cleverly arranged chamber program. Excellent musicians, outstanding sound quality. A valuable publication.

” —Markus Zahnhausen
American Record Guide

This new release honors the significance of Deller and the com­posers he inspired in the resurgence of the countertenor in the later 20th Century. What is more significant about this new release is its inclusion of otherwise unrecord­ed modern compositions for countertenor. In these selections, the music and the performances are much more engaging.

” —Charles Brewer
Early Music Review

Very interesting collection of dissimilar pieces

” —Victoria Helby
The Consort

This lovely disc is conceived as a tribute to Alfred Deller. For me this CD is a rather wonderful trip down memory lane. The outstanding performers are ideally suited to the music, the recorded sound is extremely clear and the musicians blend perfectly. Alfred’s family will be very pleased to hear this imaginative CD. I warmly recommend it.

” —Elizabeth Rees