Antony Hopkins – A Portrait


Catalogue No: DDA 21217
EAN/UPC: 809730121720
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Release Date: September 2012
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Discs: 2
Total Playing Time: 125:29

Antony Hopkins is a phenomenon – a fact which escapes much of the public and even press who still confuse him with the actor (Anthony). Composer, pianist, conductor, broadcaster, lecturer, author … a true man of music. A live wire at the age of 91, (as we write in May 2012), his genius has suffered from fickle fashion, his ‘serious’ music being lyrical and tuneful though certainly deep and complex; his lighter music now seen as ‘period’ – and just ripe for rediscovery. This double album contains much fine music including eight pieces written by top British composers as tributes to Antony. For all interested in the evolution of 20th century music this album will be invaluable, and it’s also made with wit and humour, to suit the character of Hopkins himself.

Track Listing

    Antony Hopkins:

  1. I. Sonata for Viola and Piano − I. March (4:32)
  2. II. Sonata for Viola and Piano − II. Ground (3:55)
  3. III. Sonata for Viola and Piano − III. Scherzo (3:25)
  4. IV. Sonata for Viola and Piano − IV. Epilogue (2:23)
  5. Antony Hopkins:

  6. Rondo from Piano Sonata no, 2 in F sharp minor (2:59)
  7. Antony Hopkins:

  8. I. A Humble Song to the Birds − I. My darlings, oh my little birds (2:39)
  9. II. A Humble Song to the Birds − II. You need not peep (1:09)
  10. III. A Humble Song to the Birds − III. How dare I then, por silly man (1:15)
  11. IV. A Humble Song to the Birds − Some may be priests or kings or lords (2:59)
  12. Antony Hopkins:

  13. I. Partita in G minor for solo violin − I. Andante – fugato (3:19)
  14. II. Partita in G minor for solo violin − II. Vigoroso (1:41)
  15. III. Partita in G minor for solo violin − III. Moderato, molto rubato (2:01)
  16. IV. Partita in G minor for solo violin − IV. Mesure (1:07)
  17. V. Partita in G minor for solo violin − V. Allegro giusto (2:02)
  18. Antony Hopkins:

  19. I. Piano Sonata no. 3 in C sharp minor − I. Allegro vigoroso (6:37)
  20. II. Piano Sonata no. 3 in C sharp minor − II. Largo (5:43)
  21. III. Piano Sonata no. 3 in C sharp minor − III. Tranquillo – Allegro giusto (3:34)
  22. Antony Hopkins:

  23. I. Suite for Descant Recorder and Piano − I. Prelude: Allegretto, quasi pastorale (1:44)
  24. II. Suite for Descant Recorder and Piano − II. Scherzo: Prestissimo (0:57)
  25. III. Suite for Descant Recorder and Piano − III. Canon: Andante tranquillo (1:39)
  26. IV. Suite for Descant Recorder and Piano − IV. Jig: Vivace (1:46)
  27. Antony Hopkins:

  28. I. Pastiche Suite − I. Allegro molto giusto (1:11)
  29. II. Pastiche Suite − II. Alla sicilana (1:16)
  30. III. Pastiche Suite − III. Vivace non troppo (1:17)
  31. Antony Hopkins:

  32. I. Three French Folksongs − No. 1 Les trois rubans (2:08)
  33. II. Three French Folksongs − No. 2 Gai lon la (2:30)
  34. III. Three French Folksongs − No. 3 Quand mon mari se fachera (1:42)
  35. Antony Hopkins:

  36. Tango (2:35)
  37. Antony Hopkins:

  38. I. Three Seductions − No. 1 Wanton Waltz (1:15)
  39. II. Three Seductions − No. 2 Flirtatious Fancy (0:50)
  40. III. Three Seductions − No. 3 Sensuous Sarabande (1:54)
  41. Antony Hopkins:

  42. First Love (from “Early One Morning”) (3:32)
  43. Antony Hopkins:

  44. I’ve Lost my Love (from “Hands Across the Sky”) (3:31)
  45. Antony Hopkins:

  46. A Melancholy Song (1:04)
  47. Antony Hopkins:

  48. I. Four Dances from “Back to Methuselah” − I. Farandole (0:58)
  49. II. Four Dances from “Back to Methuselah” − II. Sarabande (1:0)
  50. III. Four Dances from “Back to Methuselah” − III. Wilman’s Grounde (1:08)
  51. IV. Four Dances from “Back to Methuselah” − IV. Air (0:53)
  52. Antony Hopkins:

  53. Good King Jack Nicklaus (poem) (1:29)
  54. Charlie’s Revenge (poem) (5:00 )
  55. String Quartet (poem) (1:29)
  56. Andrew Plant:

  57. On How to Sing (2:03)
  58. David Matthews:

  59. A Little Pastoral (1:46)
  60. David Dubery:

  61. Evening in April (3:28)
  62. Anthony Gilbert:

  63. Above All That (2:52)
  64. Gordon Crosse:

  65. CantAHta (3:07)
  66. David Ellis:|

  67. Head Music (1:53)
  68. Joseph Phibbs:

  69. Pierrot (3:43)
  70. Elis Pehkonen:

  71. Pieds en l’air (1:57)
  72. Antony Hopkins:

  73. Vicarage Tea (from “Johnny the Priest”) (3:04)
  74. Be Not Afraid (from “Johnny the Priest”) (3:31)
  75. Trio from “Three’s Company” (3:38)



This is a most welcome CD … a compilation that will entertain on all levels.

” —Charwood
Music & Vision

Altogether this is a warm and generous tribute to one who meant so much to the many who listened to [Hopkins’] words, his music and his wisdom.

” —Patric Standford
MusicWeb International

This is a superb retrospective of Antony Hopkins’ achievement as a composer but also recognises his talent as a poet. It is well-produced and allows the listener to approach a considerable variety of musical moods, styles and genres. There is a considerable stylistic gulf between the ‘Partita’ and the ‘Tango’. However, both works are suffused with technical skill and sustained interest. The same applies to virtually all the music on these CDs. The performance of all this music is excellent. I will single out the beautiful voice of Lesley-Jane Rogers and the inspired playing of Matthew Jones on the viola for special mention. However all the soloists impressed me. Finally, I have to pay tribute to John Turner. He conceived the project, organised it and plays on a number of tracks. All this reveals his unquenchable enthusiasm and massive musical ability. It is a major achievement.

” —John France
The Guardian

One of the great popularisers of classical music in the pre-Classic FM generation, Antony Hopkins was a wonderful broadcaster; as this intriguing compilation for his recent 90th birthday reveals, he is also a composer of wit and substance.

” —Nicholas Kenyon
Musical Opinion

A delightful and … long overdue issue commemorating on the most admired figures in classical music in Britain. A wonderful set.

” —Robert Matthew-Walker
The Recorder Magazine

It is as a very versatile and practical composer that [Hopkins] best expresses his musical personality. The four-movement Sonata for viola and piano with which the first disc opens is a case in point: – a significant addition to [the] genre. Both discs form not only a lively portrait of the composer, but also both a sincere tribute and a musical treat in which the enthusiasm of the performers and composers is very evident.

” —Andrew Mayes
Light Music Society

I have been enjoying a celebratory two disc set representing [Antony Hopkins’] output. Discs worth investigating.

” —Philip Scowcroft

[Antony Hopkins the composer] was lightweight but never trivial and he could consistently charm the ear. Altogether, this is a delightfully entertaining anthology, vividly recorded, and can be especially recommended to those who, like me, had not previously discovered the composer’s music.

” —Ivan March

[Hopkins’] music is finely constructed and undemanding. Yet he uses dissonance effectively and pungently, sometimes bringing to mind Hindemith. There is much to delight here.

” —Colin Clarke
MusicWeb International

[Hopkins] did everything with distinction; and, although his muse was utterly English, his writing has almost a French piquancy. The present anthology shows his range and his consistently seductive invention, with a consistent injection of often haunting lyricism. Let me finally commend all the performers whose ardent playing contributes so materially to the success of this well-annotated disc. It is indeed a Portrait, and a very well deserved one too.

” —Jonathan Woolf
British Music Society News

Divine Art has produced this superb 2-CD tribute to Antony Hopkins for his 90th birthday. This tribute is a wonderful celebration of Antony Hopkins’s life and music … such an accomplished all-round musical personality. Hopkins’ music … deserves to be heard more frequently in the concert hall.

” —Michael Jones