“We continue our Cooman series with a disc of sumptuous and unashamedly Romantic works reminiscent of the English pastoral tradition at its best – and this from an American composer with an American voice.”

So Divine Art announces this CD and it’s not wrong. Carson Cooman ( b. 1982) has ideas, he can orchestrate and knows how his expressive music has to sound. The program begins with the truly beautiful and delicate song cycle ‘In beauty walking ‘ (2012), sensitively sung by Leah Crane . The sophisticated Sinfonia Concertante (2013) is oriented mainly on stylistic elements of the middle ages and the Renaissance, but in places also draws on the themes of traditional fiddle music. For the meditative melancholy Symphony of Light (2003) the composer was inspired by various images and visions on the theme of light: dawn on a quiet winter day, ‘Eternity Canticle: First Light from the book of Ecclesiastes, and dawn on a vital summer morning. In the ‘Folk Fantasies’ Cooman once again remembers his American roots.

Reliable interpreters and a good recording technology present the music of Cooman in a very good light. He might be a modern romantic, but he gives his music also what I would call an ‘American’ character. There is something very appealing and distinct in the pieces we can hear in this well played and superbly recorded program.

—Remy Franck