In Beauty Walking – Orchestral Music by Carson Cooman


Catalogue No: DDA 25117
EAN/UPC: 809730511721
Artists: , , ,
Release Date: September 2014
Genres: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 52:26

As well as being a very busy and highly regarded organist, teacher and music consultant, Carson Cooman is one of America’s most prolific and gifted composers. His work retains the best of traditional forms in a modern and personal idiom; here, he has produced a body of lyrical works which are truly Romantic and pastoral but never soft or shallow. Exquisitely scored, these works tell of the beauty of the world we so often take for granted or pass by.

Track Listing

    Carson Cooman:

  1. I. In Beauty Walking − I. Morning Song (1:57)
  2. II. In Beauty Walking − II. Star Song (3:56)
  3. III. In Beauty Walking − III. Rain Song (2:43)
  4. IV. In Beauty Walking − IV. Cradle Song (4:10)
  5. V. In Beauty Walking − V. The Eagle’s Song (1:57)
  6. I. Sinfonia Concertante − I. Estampie (1:20)
  7. II. Sinfonia Concertante − II. Aria (2:18)
  8. III. Sinfonia Concertante − III. Echo Gigue and Cadenza (3:59)
  9. IV. Sinfonia Concertante − IV. Ground (2:56)
  10. V. Sinfonia Concertante − V. Estampie da capo (1:26)
  11. I. Symphony of Light − I. Winter Brightnesses (3:37)
  12. II. Symphony of Light − II. Eternity Canticle: First Light (6:38)
  13. III. Symphony of Light − III. Dawning (3:12)
  14. I. Folk Fantasies − No. 1 Highland Ballad (4:35)
  15. II. Folk Fantasies − No. 2 Ceremonial (4:29)
  16. III. Folk Fantasies − No. 3 Circle Dance (3:24)


Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music

We have four Cooman works that dovetail well with one another, that express a sense of reverence and elation, of very real beauty. Cooman may be the most lyrical composer alive. He certainly moves to the center of such things on this program. It is in every way delightful. The music is impeccably conceived, orchestrated and performed here. Ravishing!

” —Grego Edwards
Expedition Audio

Though Mr. Cooman does not shy away from the occasional piquant harmony where it serves his creative objectives, on the whole this is consonant, melodic music that falls easily on the ear. Cooman’s music is uplifting, inspiring and beautiful to hear, and yet remains fresh and interesting, never approaching the trite. Reflections on the natural world are central to it, as are feelings of calm and happiness, hope, peace and a certain humility that is woven into every bar. In a word, I would describe it as spiritual… superb performances. [Kirk] Trevor leads the distinguished Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra and two splendid soloists grace the performances. I believe you will relish the entire program.

” —Paul Ballyk

Carson Cooman has ideas, he can orchestrate and knows how his expressive music has to sound. Reliable interpreters and a good recording technology present the music of Cooman in a very good light. He might be a modern romantic, but he gives his music also what I would call an ‘American’ character. There is something very appealing and distinct in the pieces we can hear in this well played and superbly recorded program.

” —Remy Franck

Aiding in the effect of [In Beauty Walking] is soprano Leah Crane, who handles these songs with loving care as she caresses the texts with a warmly burnished voice. These well-performed works do not make too many demands on the listener, but have substance that will reward repeated auditions. The mood of most of the pieces is such that this would be a perfect CD to unwind to after a hard day’s work. Definitely recommended.

” —David DeBoor Canfield
The Chronicle

If you’ve not heard of [Cooman] and you like modern orchestral music, you should hunt this down. It’s an enjoyable album, and we’ve had it on repeat all week. The sound is never less than approachable and wanders between the very English (Vaughan Williams) and the American (Copland). A fresh, invigorating album, with a crisp, modern sound.

” —Jeremy Condliffe