Moderated Classical Music List

Anthony Goldstone’s series of Schubert’s solo piano music has reached its conclusion with Volume 3. As with the previous volumes, this is a 2-cd set of generous proportion. Goldstone is never less than interesting, and he is thoroughly distinctive when he turns on the power and impetuosity. Unfortunately, he doesn’t do this often enough. When he does, such as in the Four Impromptus, he’s among the best Schubert pianists on record.

Recorded sound is superb with a very wide soundstage ready to pick up every nuance and detail. It’s dynamic range is outstanding, and Goldstone’s dynamic range is also wide. Summary: A hearty recommendation for this volume and the previous ones as well. Goldstone is a major-league pianist who compares well to the Schubert of Kempff and Uchida. I wouldn’t put him at the top with Richter and Brendel, but the next level is an admirable achievement.

—Donald Satz