Glasgow Herald

I must confess an increasing admiration for the playing of pianist Anthony
Goldstone. The final volume in the series of Schubert’s piano music continues to
reveal new depths to his playing. There is a refreshing, almost down-to-earth
quality in Goldstone’s musicianship which leaves it free of pretension,
artificial poeticism, or over-dramatisation. The resulting naturalistic quality of
pianism benefits the music, it seems to me, and is reflected throughout this
double CD, which includes the famous Impromptus and Bagtelles [sic], a delicious set of Ländler, and three big sonatas – including the Reliquie in a completion by Goldstone himself (though there is no experience quite like that where Schubert’s music is allowed to stop in mid-breath, where the composer laid down his pen). No matter; at mid-price, a seriously good bargain.

—Michael Tumelty