Music from Armenia for Cello and Piano


Catalogue No: DDA 25075
EAN/UPC: 809730507526
Artists: ,
Composers: , , ,
Release Date: May 2014
Genres: , ,
Periods: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 56:52

In Europe and the US, familiarity with Armenian music has been largely limited to Khachaturian but there is a surge of interest in the unique distinctive melodic traditions of the country. This collection contains formal works and arrangements of folk tunes from the Talalyan archives which derive from the collecting of Gomidas (Komitas) and is superbly presented by Canadian celist Heather Tuach (also cellist with the Fitzwilliam Quartet) and Armenian-Canadian pianist Patil Harboyan. The music in Western terms is very much in the Romantic tradition, the folk arrangements quite sophisticated and worthy of as much attention as well-established collections.

A highly entertaining and revelatory program – almost all of the works receiving their first recording. Booklet notes in English, Armenian and French.
Alexander Arutiunian:Impromptu
Arno Babajanian:Vocalise
Haro Stepanian:Sonata for Cello and Piano, Op. 35
Gomidas (arr. Talalyan etc):
Groung : Karoun A : Keler Tsoler
Chinar Es : Dzirani Dzar : Shoushigi
Kele Kele : Akh Maral Jan
Yerginkn Ambel A : Shogher Jan

Track Listing

Alexander Arutunian:

    1. IImpromptu (4:27)


    1. Groung (3:52)

Arno Babjanian:

    1. Vocalise (3:08)

Haro Stapanian:

    1. Sonata for Cello and Piano, op; 35 – I. Allegro risoluto (10:49)
    2. Sonata for Cello and Piano, op; 35 – II. Andante cantabile (4:33)
    3. Sonata for Cello and Piano, op; 35 – III. Allegretto giocoso (6:39)


  1. Karoun A (2:53)
  2. Keler Soler (2:51)
  3. Chinar Es (2:14)
  4. Dzani Dzar (2:35)
  5. Shoushigi (2:05)
  6. Kele Kele (1:39)
  7. Akh Maral Jan (3:20)
  8. Yerginkn Ambel A (1:47)
  9. Shogher Jan (3:08)


American Record Guide

well-craft­ed, folk-influenced music with colorful and sometimes mournful melodies. The duo plays beautifully; a charming, balanced, well-engineered program, and I’m grateful.

” —Stephen Estep
The Whole Note

The whole CD is a fascinating portrait of a musical heritage. The performances are rich and full of nuance, and the balance and recorded sound are ideal.

” —Terry Robbins
Gapplegate Classical Modern Music

I fell quite thoroughly under the spell of the way [Armenian] music spoke to me. All told this is a musical program to delight … a pleasing refuge. And the playing is very idiomatic and appropriate.

” —Grego Edwards

A delightful disc of discoveries. Vocalise by Arno Babajanian … is a real charmer. Impromptu by Alexander Arutiunian, surely destined to become a favourite encore.

” —Jeremy Nicholas

I have thoroughly enjoyed being introduced to the music of this fascinating country and am highly impressed by the wealth of truly gorgeous tunes that have come from there. Stepanian’s Sonata is an orgy of sumptuous melodies that make it totally irresistible. Gomida’s songs have been skilfully arranged … they seem to be the perfect vehicles for cello and piano. The duo hoped that they could produce a disc that would be accessible and appealing to a wide range of listeners. This they have certainly done and their playing mirrors their commitment to the project for it shows in every note.

” —Steve Arloff

To my ears they’ve got the balance just right, allowing each narrative to unfold naturally, but giving it a little lift here and there with an inflection, a change in the dynamics, a gentle touch of rubato – the kind of interpretative decisions that bring any performance alive. This is natural, unemphatic playing, trusting the music to speak for itself, and the recital as a whole is all the more effective for it; The recorded sound is equally natural, close enough to notice detail but sufficiently far back to give the music perspective. The booklet essay tells you just what you need to know. In short, it’s a release which informs, charms, distracts, and moves you, without ever raising its voice. It should find lots of friends.

” —Martin Anderson

This is an attractive and somewhat exotic disc. It may not be challenging music, but it is appealing and at the same time unusual enough to hold our interest. The performances seem very committed and sensitive. There are helpful notes in English, French, and Armenian.

” —Henry Fogel

Heather Tuach has a glorious and beautiful tone and, although I have not seen the music, her performances are attractive and appealing. That Patil Harboyan is a fine pianist is clearly evidenced in this recording. The sound is exemplary and the booklet notes are excellent. This CD is important and will give deep satisfying pleasure to all who hear it. A real breath of fresh air and let us have some of the major works of Stepanian. A CD of real joy!

” —David C F Wright