Hans Gál – The Complete Piano Duos


Catalogue No: DDA 25098
EAN/UPC: 809730509827
Release Date: June 2012
Genres: , ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 58:42

The music of Austrian composer Hans Gál is being rediscovered and appreciated more and more for its infectious tunefulness and verve, and bears close comparison with the music of Dvorak and the other mid European late Romantics. Here is the first and only recording of his works for piano duo : the album was previously released on Olympia but only weeks before that label’s demise, so it will be new to almost everyone.

Track Listing

    Hans Gàl:

  1. I. Three Marionettes, Op. 74 − I. Pantalone (3:07)
  2. II. Three Marionettes, Op. 74 − II. Columbina (4:01)
  3. III. Three Marionettes, Op. 74 − III. Arlecchino (3:44)
  4. I. Serbian Dances, Op. 3 − No. 1 in G major (2:52)
  5. II. Serbian Dances, Op. 3 − No. 2 in C major (2:56)
  6. III. Serbian Dances, Op. 3 − No. 3 in F sharp minor (4:11)
  7. IV. Serbian Dances, Op. 3 − No. 4 in E minor (3:27)
  8. V. Serbian Dances, Op. 3 − No. 5 in B major (4:08)
  9. VI. Serbian Dances, Op. 3 − No. 6 in A minor (2:57)
  10. I. Concertino for two pianos, Op. 43 − I. Intrata – Grave e maestoso (4:16)
  11. II. Concertino for two pianos, Op. 43 − Sicilano – Andantino (4:52)
  12. III. Concertino for two pianos, Op. 43 − Fuga – Allegro ma non troppo (4:12)
  13. I. Three Impromptus − I. Entrée (2:10)
  14. II. Three Impromptus − II. Pastorale (3:22)
  15. III. Three Impromptus − III. Carillon (4:23)
  16. Pastoral Tune (3:01)


Musical Opinion

It is with particular pleasure that I welcome this outstanding new recording. The performances are uniformly admirable, and this important issue is a most welcome addition to the catalogue. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

” —Robert Matthew-Walker

I am generally so fond of Anthony Goldstone’s playing, whether as soloist or as here in duet with his wife, Caroline Clemmow, that I enjoy reviewing every disc I can get my hands on. They do not disappoint here, giving us the warm, lyrical and ever-so-slightly modern, but mostly tonal, works of Hans Gal. There is nothing the least bit pretentious, overdone or underdone in their performances … they simply give one the music. Would that the classical world had more artists of this caliber

” —Lynn Rene Bayley
American Record Guide

As with everything to come from Goldstone and Clemmow over the past several years, this is a marvellous release. It is full of new music performed and recorded to the highest standards.

” —Harrington
Musical Pointers

Sheer joy … delightful music whose time has come; put it high on your piano recordings to buy list.

” —Peter Grahame Woolf

No one needs to be reminded of what a very fine duo Goldstone and Clemmow are… they are in the best in the UK and probably the best internationally. This CD is no exception as to quality. Their performances are so convincing, highly polished and show a maturity not hampered by fussiness. They make the music speak and often sing. Their touch and tone is impeccable and the sound is choice. There is admirable subtlety in their playing … and the clarity of the playing is quite superb! I hope young pianists will take note of the excellent and indispensable example that these two fine musicians give.
This is a real find.

” —David C F Wright

Very welcome [reissue] and if you missed it first time around, now is your chance…for the most part this is Gál in unbuttoned mood, and a source of great entertainment and vitality.

” —Jonathan Woolf
Daily Classical Music

Played with their customary skill by Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow

” —Robert Anderson