Graham Whettam Piano Music


Catalogue No: DDA 25038
EAN/UPC: 809730503825
Release Date: May 2006
Genres: , ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 62:31
Sample: Prelude, Scherzo & Elegy: Scherzo (extract)

Graham Whettam’s music has been praised highly for its skillful construction, drama and atmosphere. Here we have two pieces for piano duet and solo pieces in superb performances by Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow.

Track Listing

    Graham Whettamt:

  1. I. Night Music (Sonata) − Fantasia (7:22)
  2. II. Night Music (Sonata) − Notturno Lunare (6:04)
  3. III. Night Music (Sonata) − Scherzo frenetico (3:53)
  4. IV. Night Music (Sonata) − Infinito, andar del tempo (7:30)
  5. Ballade Hebraique (11:00)
  6. I. Prelude, Scherzo and Elegy − Prelude (4:53)
  7. II. Prelude, Scherzo and Elegy − Scherzo (2:24)
  8. III. Prelude, Scherzo and Elegy − Elegy (3:33)
  9. Fantasy for piano duet (6:03)
  10. I. Prelude and Scherzo Impetuoso − Prelude (3:39)
  11. II. Prelude and Scherzo Impetuoso − Scherzo Impetuoso (6:08)



All in all an impressive and rewarding collection given exceptionally vivid recording

” —Ivan March

Graham Whettam’s piano music – solo or duet – is strong stuff, and played with effortless and convincing solidity by Goldstone and Clemmow. The recording is excellent. I have been mightily impressed by this new release… I sincerely hope this CD will receive the broadcast attention it deserves… with Graham Whettam’s 80th birthday in 2007 he is by all accounts long overdue for some extra recognition.

” —Dominy Clements
Classical Source

Powerful and dramatic music…familiar, accessible, yet also fascinatingly individual. One wants to hear more.

” —Colin Anderson
Musical Opinion

These very gifted pianists play with a total commitment that is rare in performances of modern music. I very much hope that this excellent record will go a long way to bring the work of this thoughtful and accomplished creative figure to the attention of a wider musical public

” —Robert Matthew-Walker
New Classics

Exuberant yet accessible music deserves to be much more widely known… exceptional performances.

Liverpool Daily Post

this collection which is well released, made me want to hear more

” —Peter Spaull

Every piece is superbly performed… a rich and natural recording. Each work is fine indeed… and in the case of the first piece Night Music the word outstanding comes to mind. A splendid disc.

” —Gary Higginson