From the Old World to the New World


Catalogue No: DDA 25141
EAN/UPC: 809730514128
Artists: , , , ,
Release Date: September 2016
Genres: ,
Periods: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 78:13

From the pen of celebrated Theater composer Philip Henderson comes a concept album based on the true story of his father’s journey in the 1930s from rural Kent to New York. Expressed in music that follows the story, from pastoral string ensemble, to the excitement and bustle of an Atlantic cargo vessel, to the buzz of Broadway where our hero, represented by a cor anglais, plays against the now-synthezised strings of the city.

Track Listing

    Philip Henderson:

  1. I. The Hop-picker’s Daughter − I. The Hop-picker’s Daughter (6:01)
  2. II. The Hop-picker’s Daughter − II. The Vine-puller’s Boy (6:05)
  3. III. The Hop-picker’s Daughter − III. The Tally-Man (5:04)
  4. I. The Magic Wood − I. The Magic Wood by Day (4:33)
  5. II. The Magic Wood − II. The Magic Wood by Night (5:09)
  6. III. The Magic Wood − III. Dream Dance (4:44)
  7. IV. The Magic Wood − IV. Song of the Trees (3:54)
  8. V. The Magic Wood − V. After Rainfall (1:21)
  9. I. Sea Voices − I. Tilbury Docks (2:49)
  10. II. Sea Voices − II. Galley Boy (1:53)
  11. III. Sea Voices − III. Gathering Storm (3:38)
  12. IV. Sea Voices − IV. Atlantic (6:33)
  13. V. Sea Voices − V. New York Sing Me! (4:44)
  14. I. An English Horn in New York − I. Manhattan (7:10)
  15. II. An English Horn in New York − II. Brooklyn Bridge by Night (2:50)
  16. III. An English Horn in New York − III. Central Park Stroll (1:42)
  17. IV. An English Horn in New York − IV. Staten Island Ferry (2:02)
  18. V. An English Horn in New York − V. Play Broadway! (2:28)
  19. VI. An English Horn in New York − VI. Farewell New York (5:27)


Classical Modern Music

“The music has a kind of folk-like archaicism in parts, a post-modern down-to-earth quality and ultimately a couple of defining songs, especially “New York Sing Me!” as done by Pia Sukana… the suite pulls together music of enchantment. Philip Henderson gives us something unexpected, original and filled with homespun charm. It is easy on the ears yet singular enough to gain and keep the attention of the more musically demanding among us. Bravo!”

” —Grego Applegate Edwards
American Record Guide

“Philip Henderson’s programmatic release begins with what may be the strongest work. The Hop-Picker’s Daughter is a beautiful, energetic piece of music filled with character and excitement. It tells its story so well that my mind’s translation of the music was actually what was declared in the liner notes. It has an energy often found in musical theater granted by tonal shifts and dramatic pacing. Sea Voices embodies this excited energy as well.”

” —Kraig Lamper

The music mixes classical, minimalistic and other modern techniques in a very artistic way. Henderson’s piece is fun and the performers take much pleasure in their exquisite interpretation in 78 minutes of pleasant listening.

” —Remy Franck
The Chronicle

There’s an osmotic connection between ambient pop and classical music and this excellent CD is most definitely the pop side in places. Henderson wrote the music for shows such as The Far Pavilions and this awareness of what the masses wants infuses this easy-on-the-ear classical album. It’s unsurprisingly an evocative album and [Henderson] creates mental images of the places the music goes. Fans of gentle classical music and theatre music will love it, but we’d suggest that fans of electronic music and the likes of Mike Oldfield would find much to like. Most excellent

” —Jeremy Condliffe