Catalogue No: DDA 25024
EAN/UPC: 809730502422
Composers: , , ,
Release Date: October 2003
Genres: , ,
Periods: ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 76:51
Sample: Hedges: Aphorism no.5 - Allegro (extract)

Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow are Britain’s top piano duo, and have an extensive discography, as well as an incredibly busy concert schedule. On this CD they play both together and individually, to present for the first time major piano works by British composers.


Track Listing

    Kenneth Leightonk:

  1. I. Prelude, Hymn and Toccata, op. 96 − Prelude (2:24)
  2. II. Prelude, Hymn and Toccata, op. 96 − Hymn (13:08)
  3. III. Prelude, Hymn and Toccata, op. 96 − Toccata (5:41)
  4. Anthony Hedges:

  5. I. Three Explorations, op. 145 − 1. Vivace (2:56)
  6. II. Three Explorations, op. 145 − 2. Lento flessibile (4:45)
  7. III. Three Explorations, op. 145 − 3. Flowing (3:44)
  8. Gustav Holst:

  9. I. Japanese Suite, op. 33 − Prelude (2:41)
  10. II. Japanese Suite, op. 33 − Ceremonial Dance (1:44)
  11. III. Japanese Suite, op. 33 − Dance of the Marionette (1:50)
  12. IV. Japanese Suite, op. 33 − Interlude (Song of the Fisherman) (0:42)
  13. V. Japanese Suite, op. 33 − Dance under the Cherry tree (1:50)
  14. VI. Japanese Suite, op. 33 − Finale (Dance of the Fox) (1:42)
  15. Anthony Hedges:

  16. I. Piano Sonata, op. 53 − Lento – piu allegro (6:27)
  17. II. Piano Sonata, op. 53 − Adagio rubato (5:23)
  18. III. Piano Sonata, op. 53 − Allegro vivace (3:52)
  19. Ronald Stevenson:

  20. I. Two Chinese Folk Songs − Song for New year’s day (2:33)
  21. II. Two Chinese Folk Songs − Song of the Crab-Fisher (1:51)
  22. Anthony Hedges:

  23. I. Five Aphorisms, op. 113 − 1. Vivace (2:17)
  24. II. Five Aphorisms, op. 113 − 2. Con moto e fluente (2:04)
  25. III. Five Aphorisms, op. 113 − 3. Allegro vivace (1:47)
  26. IV. Five Aphorisms, op. 113 − 4. Lento (4:14)
  27. V. Five Aphorisms, op. 113 − 5. Allegro (2:14)


Musical Opinion

This is a very worthwhile disc in each of the four categories that make an album desirable: choice of repertoire, performance, technical quality of recording and documentary presentation.. .admirable performances… this CD is strongly recommended

” —Robert Matthew-Walker

Their playing of the major duo and duet repertoire always tingles with excitement and rewards with perceptive musicianship. And this disc is no exception. Whether at one or two pianos, what we hear is both virtuoso and illuminating… If you haven’t already guessed it, I was bowled over by this disc and urge you to have a similar experience by buying it

” —Graham Saunders
International Record Review

sure to be of interest… the duo’s playing is beyond reproach

” —Roger Thomas

a stimulating collection, splendidly presented by a first-class piano duo… Excellent recording throughout.

” —Ivan March

Another of the Divine Art’s intriguing delves into the repertoire…The excellence of the recording serves only to enhance this production. There are significant things here – not always easily prised open, it’s true, but all the more valuable for that very reason.

” —Jonathan Woolf

The sheer energy of the [Leighton] music is finely mirrored in Anthony Goldstone’s and Caroline Clemmow’s thrillingly dynamic performance… It is good to have these works available on disc and Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow give them all sterling advocacy.

” —Christopher Thomas
International Piano

sure to be of interest… the duo’s playing is beyond reproach

” —Martin Anderson
Federation Of Recorded Music Societies Bulletin

An unusual disc, beautifully played, good recording and exceptionally good notes.

” —Arthur Baker
Musical Pointers

Goldstone’s fans (and he has many, world-wide) will know to expect exemplary presentation with illuminating liner notes, and this is no exception. Buy, and you will not have any regrets!

” —Peter Grahame Woolf