De Profundis


Catalogue No: PPS 27004
EAN/UPC: 809730700422
Artists: , , ,
Release Date: November 2002
Genres: , , ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 56:26
Sample: "The Fewer Former Things"

Father Pierucci’s first cantata to words by Regina Derieva, “Via Crucis” was described as “a major find” and ” a remarkable work” by critics. Pierucci writes in a tonal and very listenable style but with a distinctive voice of his own, and this new work, using a chamber ensemble rather than organ, takes as its basis a short, haunting motif, used in variation form in all the movements. This work, like “Via Crucis” is highly recommended to choirs and choral societies.

Gintaré Skeryté (mezzo-soprano)
Aidija Chamber Choir
Vilnius String Quartet:
Audroné Vaini­ūnaité (violin 1); Artūras Silale (violin 2)
Girdutis Jakaitis (viola); Augustinas Vasiliauskas (cello);
with Giedrius Gelgotas (flute); Gintautas Jocius (double bass)
Directed by Romualdas Gražinis

Track Listing

    Armando Pierucci:

  1. I. De Profundis – No one left close by myself (3:45)
  2. II. De Profundis – Lie like a bookmark across the page of existence (2:10)
  3. III. De Profundis – If you would not remember (3:07)
  4. IV. De Profundis – My glance falls down and dies (2:11)
  5. V. De Profundis – Lawlessness started suddenly (5:14)
  6. VI. De Profundis – There are disgusting things, which are impossible to count (2:40)
  7. VII. De Profundis – You will know soon, by yourself (1:46)
  8. VIII. De Profundis – Better to decide it amidst aromatic smoke of the Fatherland (2:19)
  9. IX. De Profundis – Even dust has some weight (2:39)
  10. X. De Profundis – Where is our rest? (2:09)
  11. XI. De Profundis – The face of an angel is open (1:04)
  12. XII. De Profundis – The fewer former things (4:56)
  13. Variations on a Theme of the 4th Mode of Alleluia (8:31)
  14. Variations on a Theme of ‘Via Crucis’ (13:51)


Federation Of Recorded Music Societies

The music is not morbid, on the contrary it is tuneful and uplifting in spirit. It is written in traditional European mode with just a hint of Eastern exoticism and is enjoyable to listen to. The performance and recording is excellent. The presentation is good, and includes the full text of the poems in various languages. The disc also includes two sets of organ variations played by the composer. The disc can be recommended strongly to lovers of church music.

” —Arthur Baker

Pierucci’s musical language is conservative and should present no problems to most listeners. Mezzo-soprano Gintare Skeryte has a clean, bright voice… The Aidija chamber choir sing admirably, with a clear clean tone and they are never stretched by Pierucci’s music. The instrumental players give fine support. The first (organ piece)is a set of variations on a theme of the 4th mode Alleluia which has a strikingly Irish folksong-like cast… [The second organ] piece has the complexity, depth and even violence that is lacking from the ‘De Profundis’ and gives us a glimpse of another aspect of Pierucci’s musical personality.

” —Robert Hugill

The cantata… is conceived for chamber forces and as such has a lightness of tone rarely heard in works of this ilk. The Alleluia Variations are beautiful, almost folklike, if an organ can be! The recorded sound (of the organ works) is appalling but the first set of variations transcends this because of the quality of the inspiration at work. The performers do the music and its composer full justice and the whole enterprise shines out like a beacon of integrity in the midst of compilation and crossover driven blandout.

” —Neil Horner