Cantica Sacra


Catalogue No: DDA 25135
EAN/UPC: 809730513527
Artists: ,
Release Date: May 2016
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 69:07

Sacred choral works for the 21st century but steeped in the tradition and style of centuries past. Composer LYDIA KAKABADSE is English born but with roots in Greece, Austria, Russia and Georgia, all of which inspire her music which is a fluid mix of the western and Orthodox choral styles.

A perfect album for the choral music lover wanting a new sound but within traditional tonal (and modal) limits.

Performed by former members of Clare College choir, who have gone on to their life-after-graduation, taking with them the Choir’s excellent and ever-growing reputation as one of the finest English choirs of our day. Joined for ‘Spectre’ by mezzosoprano Grace Durham and instrumental ensemble.

Track Listing

    Lydia Kakabadse:

  1. I. Spectre of he Maiden Scorned − I. Solemnity (3:35)
  2. II. Spectre of he Maiden Scorned − II. Rites of Passage (2:59)
  3. III. Spectre of he Maiden Scorned − III. The Maiden’s Ire (4:08)
  4. IV. Spectre of he Maiden Scorned − IV. Foreboding (5:03)
  5. V. Spectre of he Maiden Scorned − V. Monks’ Entreaty (4:06)
  6. VI. Spectre of he Maiden Scorned − VI. The Maiden’s Lament (4:11)
  7. I. Cantica Sacra − I. Pater Noster (2:49)
  8. II. Cantica Sacra − II. Panis Angelicus (2:14)
  9. III. Cantica Sacra − III. De Profundis (2:25)
  10. IV. Cantica Sacra − IV. Angelus (2:44)
  11. V. Cantica Sacra − V. Agnus Dei (2:27)
  12. VI. Cantica Sacra − VI. Te Deum (3:28)
  13. I. Kontakia − I. Those who shall be rewarded (2:33)
  14. II. Kontakia − A shimmering vision (3:09)
  15. III. Kontakia − Those who shall be protected (2:28)
  16. IV. Kontakia − The devil’s torment (3:22)
  17. V. Kontakia − Six days before Easter (3:50)
  18. I. Theotokia − I. Salve Regina (4:26)
  19. II. Theotokia − II. Ave Maria (1:09)
  20. III. Theotokia − III. Magnificat (2:54)
  21. IV. Theotokia − IV. O Sanctissima (2:06)
  22. V. Theotokia − V. O Magnum Mysterium (2:32)


The Methodist Recorder

This is a collection of four spiritual and liturgical hymn- and mass-settings inspired from the Catholic and Orthodox traditions. It is beautifully produced, with obvious love and devotion.

” —Harvey Richardson

Kakabadse’s straightforward modal style blends influences from early music, Orthodox liturgical music, and other non-Western world music. These composer-supervised per­formances present the music compellingly.

” —Carson Cooman
Choir & Organ

The influence [of the Orthodox faith], together with medieval music, pervades this disc. [Kakabadse’s] work is finely constructed and can be very beautiful. The Cantica Sacra are given a stunning performance. Spectre of the Maiden Scorned is a concert Requiem and is an interesting concept. Again the performance is exceptional.

” —Shirley Ratcliffe
Cross Rhythms

I enjoyed hearing [Spectre of the Maiden Scorned]… the mezzo is Grace Durham who is suitably expressive. [The composer] inherited a love of languages as well as a love of different genres of Western and non-Western music, all of which can be heard here. There are certainly echoes of the sources John Tavener borrowed from, and I am confident that listeners who enjoy Tavener’s work will enjoy this release, as will those who appreciate all fine a-cappella singing. (Awarded 9/10)

” —Steven Whitehead
The Chronicle

A delightful CD, with some surprises as far as its background goes: Lydia Kakabadse has her roots in Greece, Austria, Russia and Georgia. Her interests include mediaeval music and you’d happily take this as a modern rendering of mediaeval church music, with exotic influences.

” —Jeremy Condliffe

Kakabadse deliberately engages [the tradition of the Orthodox liturgy] in her music. She does this in a refined and careful way, always with an ear to the sounds of today. Despite their generally serious and solemn character there is also something invigorating and vivid throughout the music. The Alumni of the Choir of Clare College are on top form and their performance could hardly be bettered.

” —Remy Franck

This is an instantly enjoyable CD which will give much pleasure. Lydia Kakabadse writes in a spirit obviously based on both the serenities of Gregorian chant and Orthodox music. Add to this a mastery of counterpoint and a richness of ideas, and there is a distinctive voice. I look forward to hearing more from this very gifted and accessible composer.

” —Michael Wilkinson
Music For Several Instruments

Lydia Kakabadse has a melodic gift, and is able to present an interesting meld of musical traditions into immediately appealing music. The singing by the Choir is outstanding. They’re helped out by an excellent instrumental group, and some expert sound engineering. This disc is highly recommended; I look forward to more music from this fascinating composer.

” —Dean Frey
Gapplegate Classical Modern Music

A genuinely inspired vision of early sacred music with a movingly original modern flair that takes you back many centuries yet de facto and in its encompassing totality belongs to our contemporary present. Lydia Kakabadse is a phenomenon and a virtual reincarnation of an early music master. Her music is impressively singular. Graham Ross, the Alumni Choir and all the rest give us wonderfully mysterious and detailed performances that one does not forget after several hearings. Anyone who revels in early sacred music will find this program surprising and very worthwhile. Heartily recommended.

” —Grego Edwards