Flowing Waters - music by Luke Whitlock:

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Flowing Waters – music by Luke Whitlock:

Luke Whitlock’s music is firmly rooted in traditional harmonies and tonal bases, lyrical and expressive. This is the first album devoted to his work and features acclaimed pianist Duncan Honeybourne in solo works ranging from Whitlock’s survey of 18th century Suite form, to two picture-pieces and a lively, witty and sparkling waltz. A very open, […]

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What The Critics Are Saying…

There’s not much point talking about the playing (world class) or the composing (ditto). What’s it like to listen to? With so many composers, it’s clearly a varied listen. An interesting album, a blend of jazz, film noir soundtrack, classical and ambient.

” —Jeremy Condliffe, The Chronicle

This is a repertoire from the top of the pianistic canon, requiring not only the mastery of the workshop, but also the exceptional knowledge and sensitivity – these qualities Barbara Karaśkiewicz owns. [A] very successful album.

” —Witold Paprocki, Twoja Muza

Polish pianist Barbara Karaskiewicz shows that she can master all of the heterogeneous aspects of Szymanowski’s styles… a perfect technical and stylistic maturity. The recording is characterized by a full and wide sound…. [and] has a natural glow without application of additional effects.

” —Edmondo Filippini, Music Voice (Italy)

The Italian pianist Alfonso Soldano plays a highly entertaining program. The interpretations seem very natural and balanced, leaving in the music the charm that characterizes it.

” —Remy Franck, Pizzicato (Luxembourg)

Latest News

Artist and album receive international awards

Pianist Burkard Schliessmann has been distinguished with the award of three Silver Medals at the 2017 Global Music Awards. Known as “music’s golden seal of approval”, the Global Music Awards honored Schliessmann as an instrumentalist and for ‘Outstanding Achievements as a Classical Artist’, as well as for his Divine Art album ‘Chronological Chopin’.

New Skempton album for 2018

Howard Skempton is one of Britain’s most individual and skilful composers. A new album of his chamber works has been recorded for release early next year by Métier (our new-music branch) by the British ensemble Sirinu. The new album is titled ‘The Man, Hurdy-Gurdy and Me’ which gives a hint that Skempton’s works here may include non-traditional […]

New Métier album to focus on Bass Clarinet

Leading British clarinettist Ian Mitchell is to record a program of music for bass clarinet for Métier Records, the new-music arm of Divine Art. The purpose of the album will be to demonstrate that the bass clarinet is not just an optional orchestral instrument but is effective in chamber music for small ensembles. Joined by his […]