Videos on Amazon

Besides producing high quality and award-winning classical music albums, we also have a growing collection of video albums, and they are readily available on Amazon! These include the recently released new music for silent films from Ed Hughes, called ‘Symphonic Visions’. In this fascinating collection, Hughes writes new scores for classic silent films like “A Voyage to the Moon” (1902) and the surrealist “The Nose” (1963), in addition to teaming up with filmmaker Lizzie Thynne to produce “Brighton: Symphony of a City”, a portrait of everyday life (today and yesterday) in Brighton, England.

‘Quartet Choreography’ is a demonstration that music very often should be seen as well as heard. This superb film is not only the record of brilliant performances of major modern quartets performed by the Kreutzer Quartet, but is also a valuable and rewarding tool for observing how the members of an ensemble communicate and interact.

Percussion masterworks meet art cinema in ‘Solo’, a state-of-the-art production. Multiple award-winning Danish percussionist Mathias Reumert sets a new standard with the performances of contemporary percussion music, beautifully captured and transformed into short films by director Christian Holten Bonke.

With ‘When the Flame Dies’, viewers will see another side of composer Ed Hughes, as he presents a new opera with libretto based on the Orpheus legend, a main character alluding to Jean Cocteau.