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Spectralism on Métier

Spectral music fits right in with the Métier label’s focus of contemporary music, leaning more towards the adventurous side. Marilyn Nonken is one of the most celebrated champions of modern piano music in the USA and Joshua Fineberg is a leading light in the younger generation of spectral composers. Their album, ‘Voix Voilées’, (which also includes a major work from Hugues Dufourt) received much praise from Fanfare with four reviews from the magazine and equal praise from International Piano.

“There is not a pianist playing today who can bring more subtlety and energy to the music of Fineberg and Dufourt than does Marilyn Nonken. This is an absolutely essential piano disc…” – Marc Medwin (Fanfare)
“Dense, mercilessly virtuosic writing … Nonken handles the incremental tension superbly.” – Graham Lock (International Piano)

Marilyn’s previous album of spectal music by Tristan Murail also received commendations. Peter Burwasser (Fanfare) called it “a spectacular introduction to this tantalizing world.” It’s also Métier’s best selling title worldwide.

For those interested in spectral music, and especially if you are a fan of Joshua Fineberg, his most recent album ‘Sonic Fictions’ is his new compositional philosophy and technique arising out of the spectral compositional style and it too is already being recognized by critics.

Two new albums from top composers on the Métier label

Sonic Fictions

Joshua Fineberg, a composer known for his spectral music, has developed it into a new form of composition with his next album. Sonic Fiction, the term he uses to describe the musical style, is a complex concept which stresses the abstract music as creating its own ‘fiction’ story and world. It is perhaps the antithesis of impressionism and program music.

Virtuoso accordionist Pascal Contet and the renowned Arditti Quartet will be joined by the Argento Chamber Ensemble and Talea Ensemble.

‘Sonic Fictions’ will be released in April (Métier MSV 28564).

Michael Finnissy string quartets

Michael Finnissy is one of Britain’s most accomplished and acclaimed contemporary composers. His new album of music for string quartet is his second album dedicated to string quartet works and the 12th album dedicated to his compositions on the Métier label.

The Kreutzer Quartet give all the works their first recording and are joined by Linda Merrick, Principal of the Royal Northern College of Music and one of the UK’s foremost woodwind players in the new music field, in Finnissy’s Clarinet Quintet.  Also included is Finnissy’s arrangement of the final unfinished Contrapunctus from Bach’s Art of Fugue, and Finnissy’s completion of the fugue.

The disc is likely to be released toward the end of 2018 (Metier MSV 28581).

Track List – Sonic Fictions
L’abîme  (bass clarinet, bassoon & cello)
Just as much entangled with other matter  (accordion/playback)
La Quintina  (string quartet/electronics)
Objets trouvés  (piano & chamber ensemble)

Track list – Michael Finnissy
Six Sexy Minuets Three Trios (this is also the title of the album)
Clarinet Quintet
Contrapunctus XIX and Continuation (after J.S. Bach)
Mad Men in the Sand

November Releases

Look out for three new albums in November (our last issues of 2017). We are delighted to present Volume 6 of the Carson Cooman organ music series (“The Cloak with the Stars”). Cooman also appears, this time as performer, in Andreas Willscher’s Organ Symphonies 19 & 20 and a suite ‘The Beatitudes’; and from Métier we focus on works for solo violin and violin/viola duo by Michael Alec Rose, currently teaching at Vanderbilt University, Nashville.

New Music from Michael Alec Rose

In early 2018, Metier will release an album of music by Michael Alec Rose for solo violin and violin/viola duo, featuring violinist Peter Sheppard Skærved (pictured) and Diana Mathews (viola). Titled ‘Il Ritorno’, for one of the main pieces, the album will be on MSV 28574.

Rose has received 30 annual awards in composition from ASCAP and has been commissioned by the Walter W. Naumburg Foundation, the Blair and Mendelssohn String Quartets, the Nashville Symphony, and others. His music has been performed widely in the United States, as well as in Europe and South America. He is Associate Professor of Composition at Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music in Tennessee.

New Music From Composer John Buckley

The Metier label has over the past two years released a number of albums featuring some of the leading composers in Ireland and the latest to be ‘signed up’ is a collection of choral works by composer John Buckley, who has established himself as one of the foremost contemporary voices in the Republic. The recording is to be made later this year and should be available in the first part of 2018 (Metier MSV 28576); performances are by the acclaimed Mornington Singers, directed by Orla Flanagan.

New Music from David Braid

Métier will release a fascinating new album (currently scheduled for November) with a new set of works by English composer David Braid whose most recent album on Toccata was highly praised. ‘Songs, solos and duos’ features the velvet tone of the electric archtop guitar in a chamber, solo and vocal setting; also includes Braid’s evocative duos for flute/classical guitar and clarinet/piano – plus his 1st Piano Sonata: an eclectic range of recent works from the one of the UK’s most original yet approachable composers, performed by a dynamic set of world-class players. (MSV 28575)

Christopher Fox Clarinet Music

A new album for British composer Christopher Fox will be taking shape soon. Our Métier (new-music) label is to release a disc of Fox’s entire output of clarinet music, which handily extends to about 80 minutes. The recording is to take place in London in August, the soloist being Canadian clarinetist Heather Roche, who originally proposed the recording to the composer last year. Fox describes Roche as ‘the most exciting player I’ve heard in a long time’ and everyone at the Métier office is eager to hear the results, as Fox is one of the most experimental and unorthodox composers around, yet makes music which is more approachable then many of the modernists. Fox says that the recording will involve the full family of instruments from the E flat to the contrabass; some tracks will involve electronics and some overdubbing of the instruments.

The release date for this album is likely to be November, or possibly the beginning of 2018 depending on progress in the studio and will be on Métier MSV 28573 (CD and digital).