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Christopher Fox Clarinet Music

A new album for British composer Christopher Fox will be taking shape soon. Our Métier (new-music) label is to release a disc of Fox’s entire output of clarinet music, which handily extends to about 80 minutes. The recording is to take place in London in August, the soloist being Canadian clarinetist Heather Roche, who originally proposed the recording to the composer last year. Fox describes Roche as ‘the most exciting player I’ve heard in a long time’ and everyone at the Métier office is eager to hear the results, as Fox is one of the most experimental and unorthodox composers around, yet makes music which is more approachable then many of the modernists. Fox says that the recording will involve the full family of instruments from the E flat to the contrabass; some tracks will involve electronics and some overdubbing of the instruments.

The release date for this album is likely to be November, or possibly the beginning of 2018 depending on progress in the studio and will be on Métier MSV 28573 (CD and digital).