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‘Women of History’

Divine Art Records continues its series of recordings with American organist Carson Cooman, who is organist at the Memorial Church at Harvard, as well as being a teacher, writer, speaker, music critic and incredibly prolific composer. Following three recordings including organ works by German composers Andreas Willscher and Raimund Schächer, Cooman has recorded an album of music by the Italian composer Carlotta Ferrari (b.1975). Ferrari’s compositions have been performed frequently around the word and appear on many recordings including six all-Ferrari CDs. She is currently professor of music composition at the European School of Economics in Florence, Italy.

Ferrari has written many works based on historical figures, and the five works on this album are all inspired by the lives and works of famous women, lending to the album’s title, ‘Women of History’. She writes in a distinctive modal style, utilising the modal harmonic system of ‘Restarting Pitch Space’ which was actually developed by Cooman in 2005.

The recording will be issued this July on CD and many digital formats (Divine Art dda 25178). Cooman’s own compositions continue to appear, performed by Erik Simmons, in the ongoing series from Divine Art, with three more volumes scheduled for 2018.

The release is also timely as 2018 marks the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein which is the inspiration for the first piece.

Lady Frankenstein
Maria Restituta
Historia Gullielmae
Viva la vida
Esctasy (La transverberazione di Teresa d’Avila)

More organ albums from Divine Art

Divine Art has announced the latest in the new series of organ recordings made by American organist Carson Cooman, following his two recent albums of music by Andreas Willscher. The new disc features more works by Willscher and also major pieces by Raimund Schächer (b. 1960).  Schächer is an expert on early, Renaissance and baroque music which is reflected in his often very traditional style, seen here most obviously in his Sonata Antiqua. The recording features the breathtaking sounds of the Sonnenorgel (Sun Organ) at Pfarrkirche, Görlitz, Germany which Divine Art CEO Stephen Sutton considers one of the most beautifully voiced organs he has heard in fifty years.

As an active concert organist, Cooman specializes in the performance of contemporary music. Over 130 new works have been composed for him by composers from around the world, and his organ performances can be heard on a number of CD recordings. Cooman is also a writer on musical subjects, producing articles and reviews frequently for a number of international publications. He is organist of the Memorial Church at Harvard University.

Cooman is also well known as a prolific composer and Divine Art has three more albums of his organ music, performed by Erik Simmons, in the can for release later this year; these will be volumes 8-10 of the Cooman Organ Music series. The seventh in the series, ‘Owl Night’, will be officially released in March of this year.

The Schächer/Willscher organ works album is scheduled for release on May 18, 2018 on Divine Art (DDA 25168).

November Releases

Look out for three new albums in November (our last issues of 2017). We are delighted to present Volume 6 of the Carson Cooman organ music series (“The Cloak with the Stars”). Cooman also appears, this time as performer, in Andreas Willscher’s Organ Symphonies 19 & 20 and a suite ‘The Beatitudes’; and from Métier we focus on works for solo violin and violin/viola duo by Michael Alec Rose, currently teaching at Vanderbilt University, Nashville.

New Project Notes

  • May 25: We seem to be inundated with new recording projects. Soon to be announced will be a new double album of artsong, for the English Poetry and Song Society; we’re prequelling this new recording with the re-issue of four live concert recitals made between 2002 and 2006 (Diversions DDV 24162-5, August 2017). Many new chamber music discs are on the way from both sides of the Atlantic – more news soon!
  • May 2: Having just finished work on the fifth volume of Organ music by Carson Cooman, for release in July, we have just started on the next two! This wonderful series is attracting fine reviews, and given Mr Cooman’s rate of productivity we see it continuing for quite some time. Look out soon for news of two albums of fine Piano Trios from the late 19th and early 20th century – all world premieres too.

Ghost Dialogues

Among the plethora of chamber music discs featuring strings and woodwind soloists, the brass section seems still to be given relatively less attention except for early and baroque works. A new album from Métier presents a range of new works for trumpet by American composers, performed by Chris Gekker, acclaimed soloist who is also Professor of Trumpet at the University of Maryland. All approachable and melodic works though varied in style and presentation, these are all first recordings and include works by Robert Gibson, Carson Cooman, Lance Hulme, David Heinick and Kevin McKee. Performers alongside Gekker will include Rita Sloan (piano), Chris Vadala (tenor sax), and Clara O’Brien (mezzo-soprano). To be released in July 2017 (Métier MSV 28572).