Spectralism on Métier

Spectral music fits right in with the Métier label’s focus of contemporary music, leaning more towards the adventurous side. Marilyn Nonken is one of the most celebrated champions of modern piano music in the USA and Joshua Fineberg is a leading light in the younger generation of spectral composers. Their album, ‘Voix Voilées’, (which also includes a major work from Hugues Dufourt) received much praise from Fanfare with four reviews from the magazine and equal praise from International Piano.

“There is not a pianist playing today who can bring more subtlety and energy to the music of Fineberg and Dufourt than does Marilyn Nonken. This is an absolutely essential piano disc…” – Marc Medwin (Fanfare)
“Dense, mercilessly virtuosic writing … Nonken handles the incremental tension superbly.” – Graham Lock (International Piano)

Marilyn’s previous album of spectal music by Tristan Murail also received commendations. Peter Burwasser (Fanfare) called it “a spectacular introduction to this tantalizing world.” It’s also Métier’s best selling title worldwide.

For those interested in spectral music, and especially if you are a fan of Joshua Fineberg, his most recent album ‘Sonic Fictions’ is his new compositional philosophy and technique arising out of the spectral compositional style and it too is already being recognized by critics.