Erik Simmons now enjoys an established reputation for a level of expertise with Cooman’s repertoire. One of Cooman’s strengths as a composer is his ability to use programmatic material, he remains free enough to create highly atmospheric works. Cooman’s writing is colourful and highly effective.

” —Alex Baran, The Whole Note

A fascinating program. There is a familiar fluidity and nostalgic ethos that pervades the music. Karaskiewicz plays beautifully, bringing forward the composer’s unique voice.

” —Alex Baran, The Whole Note

There’s no doubting the strength and quality of the music. Skærved is in quite superb form… there is some remarkable playing here.

” —Terry Robbins, The Whole Note

This new record release allows us to better understand one of the many compositional facets of the Florentine musician, one dedicated to piano works. Alfonso Soldano’s reading turns out to be ideal.

” —Andrea Bedetti, Music Voice

This collection of recordings, all of them world premières, is an eloquent testimony to the artistry and dedication of Madeleine Mitchell. Superlatively athletic playing, with every note perfectly in its proper place. An enchanting disc.

” —Paul Corfield Godfrey, MusicWeb International

What is striking in Madeleine Mitchell’s violinism is her ability to make the violin sing. Her expressivity is never divorced from an eloquence which is a legacy of a sound belonging to the great interpreters of the first half of the twentieth century manages to shape with her instrument the ideal interpretative attitude, ideally capturing each time the spirit of these authors’ scores. The recorded sound, performed in different locations, is remarkable and excels in tonal balance.

” —Andrea Bedetti, Music Voice

Panayiotis Demopoulos shows himself in this sharply contrasted recital to be an exceptionally sensitive artist. He is well recorded and has written some excellent accompanying notes.

” —,

The title of this exciting new album, ‘Sappho, Shropshire and Super-Tramp’, reflects three major threads of new English art-song. Spread over two discs, these 52 songs, some in cycles and some stand-alone items, make this a feast of new and fascinating work for the song lover.

” —John Pitt, New Classics

A potpourri of fascinating music. Both Sarah Leonard and Johnny Herford bring considerable skill, magic and understanding to this music. The piano part is well-executed by Nigel Foster. This is an excellent exploration of (mainly) contemporary English art-song, and goes a long way to prove that the genre is alive and well in the early 21st century.

” —John France, MusicWeb International

As a lover of classical and symphonic music, it was a great pleasure to hear this disc for the first time. The two composers … have already found distinct voices, writing music that is both steeped in tradition and yet vibrant and alive. “a wonderful blending of the romantic, the modern and the post-modern. This album is a joy. It shows the future of symphonic music, and makes a strong case that its future is strong and healthy.

” —Patrick Gary, MusicWeb International

Here is a young pianist, of outstanding qualities: technical, interpretive, and creative… an outstanding pianist! The piano sound and recording quality are also outstanding. This CD is extremely highly recommended.

” —Ian Milnes, MusicWeb International

The sound quality of the disc is excellent; this is a well-produced and conceived CD. The programme is well-considered and balanced, with two nineteenth-century masterpieces framing a thoughtful and interesting modern work by the pianist.

” —John France, MusicWeb International

Cetiz’s works are severe, sparse, rigorous compositions, perfect vehicles for Anairesis, featuring the excellent Anairesis Ensemble. Well-written program notes accompany this nicely packaged and carefully engineered CD

” —Rafael de Acha, Rafael Music Notes

A very fine pianist, as evidenced by his playing of the Three Intermezzi, Op.117 by Brahms and Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. Well-written program notes accompany this nicely packaged and carefully engineered CD.

” —Rafael de Acha, Rafael Music Notes

I found the entire [piano] concerto deeply moving and completely satisfying. The balance of soloist and orchestra is first-rate. [Aspects of Saturn is] perfectly formed and quite simply gorgeous. This is a fascinating retrospective of Marcus Blunt’s orchestral music. The four works are well-chosen to provide an excellent introduction to his musical idiom. The quality of the recording is ideal.

” —John France, MusicWeb International

It comes as a treat to hear Elspeth Wyllie’s thoughtful and expressive rendition of the original version [of Enigma], which offers an intimacy and sweetness that the orchestra can’t match. This is a nicely recorded and beautifully played program of often pensive music that’s perfect for a quiet, rainy autumn afternoon.

” —Mark Lehman, Absolute Sound

Impressive sound, fine technique, and unfailing musical values

” —Alan Becker, American Record Guide

Measures up very well, with the notes seeming to glow.

” —Michael Church, The Independent

d’Ascoli brings you as close to Chopin’s intentions as could be possible… a unique extra ingredient to the whole. Soak in Bernard d’Ascoli’s delight in flinging his deft fingers into dramatic bouts of virtuosity, yet never losing the overall shape and purpose of the musical architecture.

” —Denby Richards, Musical Opinion

D’Ascoli’s well-rounded technique meets every demand… Textures are clear, melodies are shaped with a singer’s sense of line, and inner voices are handled with subtlety. He also has a fine sense of structure… directness of approach, firm rhythm, tonal refinement and judicious use of rubato…[an] impressive disc.

” —Charles Timbrell, International Record Review