The music takes full advantage, especially under Simmons’ hands, of the imaginative and emotionally evocative colouring of which the Abbey organ is capable. The repertoire is well chosen and makes for very satisfying listening. There’s no doubt about the power and grandeur of this magnificent pipe organ.

” —Alex Baran, The Whole Note

I have not heard anything from Cooman that was not well-crafted and engaging. Owl Night is that and a good deal more. It is orchestral-depth organ music in the grand tradition. I recommend this to anyone who loves the organ. Good music. Very good.

” —Grego Edwards, Gapplegate Classical Modern Music

I enjoyed this CD immensely… superbly atmospheric and often gorgeous music. Beautifully played, well-presented and superbly recorded.

” —John France, MusicWeb International

Robert Stoodley and Linda Ang are clearly capable of filling the shoes of their predecessors [Goldstone & Clemmow] on Divine Art. I expect this to be the first in another long line of excellent piano duo recordings.

” —James Harrington, American Record Guide

The singing and accompaniment are top-notch. These performers obviously under¬stand the important role of the poetry in Art Song, so their accounts of these 52 songs display emotional depth and literary understanding. Listeners are sure to find others of interest—there is something for everyone here. Notes on the society, composers, performers, and texts. A lovely production.

” —Robert Delcamp, American Record Guide

Utterly intriguing. This marvellous collection of works for clarinet, performed by the excellent Heather Roche, certainly exemplifies the composer’s intense, playful and endlessly exploratory musical voice. Performance 5/5 Recording 5/5

” —Kate Wakeling, BBC Music Magazine

I have always found much to enjoy and admire in Christopher Fox’s music. Heather Roche is a superb advocate for Fox’s clarinet works. Fascinating timbral contrasts. It is difficult to imagine Metier’s recorded sound could be improved.

” —Richard Hanlon, MusicWeb International

CLASSICAL CD OF THE WEEK. McLachlan fires off hardcore firecrackers right out of his hand. He’s off and away, wildly pouncing through the tumultuous passages – with unstoppable dynamism, galloping – not dancing. [I have] newfound, strengthened admiration for his world premiere recordings that are, for the time being, not being bettered but only made to sound better by the competition.

” —Jens Laurson, Forbes

Another entry in this immensely rewarding series. This volume reveals the composer’s range more than some of the previous ones. But some pieces here also remind us that Cooman is a versatile composer with well established modern credentials.

” —, Records International

These highly approachable, thoroughly tonal works make up a most appealing programme… finely crafted concert works, enjoyable by anyone with a taste for lush neo-romanticism.

” —, Records International

Excellent CD: it tackles big themes without being intimidating and while decidedly modern [keeps] both feet in the traditional and harmonious camp. Blunt is well worth investigating, a modern composer with an old-school sound and never off-putting.

” —Jeremy Condliffe, The Chronicle

Mesmerizing quietude. Music that hues closely to a Japanese aesthetic based on simplicity of utterance and purity of expression… absolutely intriguing and immensely satisfying, leaving this listener in a state of completely peaceful relaxation.

” —Rafael de Acha, Rafael Music Notes

Brenton Broadstock’s superb Made in Heaven: Concerto for orchestra is a sheer delight to listen to… simply outstanding from end to end. The four works by Nan Schwarz…[are] a subtle balance of jazz and classical. It is a sheer pleasure to listen to this ‘cool’ music. I cannot fault the vibrant recording.. The balance of jazz soloists and symphony orchestra is ideal.

” —John France, MusicWeb International

This is quintessentially original music. It demands for you to listen. Really listen. Pure sound: acoustic or electronic. And pure sound is delivered by Fineberg, in spades, in four exotically-titled compositions. The players are beyond reproach: All these artists walk dangerous territory bravely and elegantly. You will be rewarded. I certainly was.

” —Rafael de Acha, Rafael Music Notes

This is a rare opportunity to obtain new recordings of Chopin’s masterpieces in the best sound and by a compelling interpreter. This is a true collector’s edition. Sound quality is warm yet precise, matching Schliessmann’s sensuous and brilliant performances of this sublime music. Highly recommended.l

” —John Pitt, New Classics

This is a fascinating collection of short pieces taking listeners on a highly charged emotional roller-coaster ride, boasting some exceptional compositions convincingly delivered by some exceptionally talented instrumentalists. A magnificent musical monument in memory of a great man… a mesmerising taste of ingenious creativity.

” —Chris Bye, British Music Society

A handsomely designed and annotated CD of original works for symphony orchestra. A juxtaposing of tempi, dynamics, tonality, and the alternating of soloist and ensemble give much of Nan Schwartz’s appealing music a uniquely sui generis sound. The music of Brenton Broadstock is most … this composer is a true original. Eminently tonal, richly melodic music… Hats off to the composers, the conductor, and the musicians of both orchestras!

” —Rafael de Acha, Rafael Music Notes

The feature itself is a vibrant and engaging portrait of the famously bohemian city by the sea. Ed Hughes’s score for a mid-size ensemble, and recorded by the Orchestra of Sound and Light, is just as colourful as the images on screen, too. It seems he was really inspired by the material, and the results are a joy. He has done excellent work on the shorts on the disc too.

” —Pamela Hutchinson, Silent London

Tonally based, lyrically romantic, embracing a modern idiom yet eminently approachable. This valuable release provides a fascinating conspectus of the composer’s orchestral music. The performances are uniformly excellent.

” —Stephen Greenbank, MusicWeb International

Overall, this is a marvellous disc. The cover notes are interesting and informative and the recording quality is superb – well up to the usual standards of the Divine Art label. Andrew Wright is clearly an extremely talented and versatile performer with a lovely tone and bagsful of virtuosity… fantastically well done and a thoroughly wonderful performance.

” —Jonathan Welsh, MusicWeb International