Here, at last, we have a reissue of the only fully complete version of Schubert’s works for piano duet, and here Divine Art must be thanked for resurrecting these fine recordings. These are intelligently conceived and performed recitals, ones that bring the music [of] Schubert to life. Goldstone and Clemmow seem to be totally in tune with each other, which results in excellence throughout the set. A fitting tribute and memorial to [Goldstone’s] name and his prowess as an editor and performer.

” —Stuart Sillitoe, MusicWeb International

I listened to this superb CD several times and each time I discovered something new and even better. This music is magnificent and goes straight to the heart. All in all, an exceptional album of heavenly music. I highly recommend it as one of the best CD’s of the decade.

” —Tomas Tamvakos, Tamvakos Archive

A coolness that doesn’t quite conceal the hint of a smile. Sorabji would approve…. all about atmosphere. The Fidelio Trio is fine musicians with an excellent sound.

” —Stephen Estep, American Record Guide

Not program music per se, but it is meant to be a large-scale meditation on this theme [St Francis preaching about holy poverty]. He employs a motive (FDA-Francis d’Assisi) and several Gregorian chant melodies in alternating toccata, fughetta, and meditative movements. Cooman’s success as a composer for the organ is due in large part to his innate understanding of the instrument as a performer. He plays a large and wonderful 1973 Marcussen organ found in the Laurenskerk in Rotterdam.

” —Robert Delcamp, American Record Guide

This is a most worthwhile disc of fine, well-made chamber music by a composer largely unknown to the wider world. Nicely clear, warm sound as usual from this label.

” —Guy Rickards, Gramophone

A thoroughly entertaining CD, which very evidently totally engaged the players who are on impressive form.

” —Andrew Mayes, Recorder Magazine

Certainly very musical and original, the Suites deserve to be considered on a level with those of Handel at the very least. These are masterful performances by Rowland, one of Europe’s most senior and accomplished harpsichord experts. Highly recommended.

” —John Pitt, New Classics

The performances appear to me to be brilliant. This is an interesting exploration of modern music for flute, voice and other instruments. It is certainly avant-garde: it is never off-putting.

” —John France, MusicWeb International

A charming piece of entertainment, in which complex music is reduced to an accessible essence so well crafted it almost seems lightweight. It’s all delightful. Goldstone plays superbly, as befits a man designed for pianos… a rather wonderful CD.

” —Jeremy Condliffe, The Chronicle

The playing on this disc by the late Anthony Goldstone is stunning from the first note to the last.This is an outstanding disc that introduces the listener to a wide conspectus of French ballet music… every note is played with style, technical ability and downright enthusiasm. The sound quality of this Divine Art disc is first-rate… The liner notes by Jeremy Nicholas are excellent

” —John France, MusicWeb International

Peter Hope is a composer whose experience shows in his craftsmanship and idiomatic instrumental writing. His compositional language is at once evident; frequently episodic and lyrical, but also energetic and virtuosic, rewarding as much for listener as player. This fine recording, with very attractive art work on the booklet cover, is a very welcome release from the ever-enterprising Divine Art label.

” —Andrew Mayes, Recorder Magazine

An impressive project… I find all of the recordings in this collection to be infectiously engaging.

” —Stephen Smoliar, The Rehearsal Room

Most of [this music] is for violin, viola, cello & double bass—an interesting combination. The two songs … are sung with beauty by Jess Dandy and accompanied by the quartet. It is distinctly influenced by styles of the Renaissance and seems almost totally modal. These musicians of the Sound Collective play it with beauty of tone and conviction.

” —David W. Moore, American Record Guide

The songs on this CD are wide-ranging and often involve various combinations of voices and instrumentalists. There are detailed biographies of the performers. The texts of all the songs are included. The CD is well-produced with splendid sound quality and convincing performances from all the artists

” —John France, MusicWeb International

[The Suites] turn out to be worth reviving. Skilfully made and loosely varied in form and texture…, I found them growing on me as Mattheson’s personality became more apparent. Gilbert Rowland’s playing is assured, robust and reliable.

” —Lindsay Kemp, Gramophone

A monumental project by the marvelous husband-and-wife four-hand piano team of Caroline Clemmow and Anthony Goldstone, and the box makes a worthy companion to their three-volume collection of ‘unauthorized’ four-hand transcriptions. Clemmow and Goldstone play with seemingly effortless virtuosity and intelligence and are very well recorded.

” —Rick Anderson, CD Hotlist

A coherent and occasionally forceful, largely reverential whole. Carson Cooman is a nimble, nuanced and eloquent advocate.

” —Michael Quinn, Choir & Organ

Polish-born pianist Barbara Karaśkiewicz plays these four works with great understanding, technical aplomb and interpretive skill. It makes a splendid introduction to the piano music of Karol Szymanowski.

” —John France, MusicWeb International

The wonderful playing by Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow impresses with a great sovereignty, plenty of poetry, which takes Schubert’s moods into account, and just as much energy and drama.

” —Remy Franck, Pizzicato

This is much more than a merely worthy addition to the recorded repertoire. It is a fine collection of works, admirably performed, and of pieces imaginatively chosen and too rarely performed. Performances throughout impress. Stephen Barlow and the Northern Chamber Orchestra are on excellent form (Lynsey Marsh directs for just the Mendelssohn) and the collection will give enormous pleasure.

” —Michael Wilkinson, MusicWeb International