“The Musick for the Royal Fireworks [and Other Works] set for the German Flute, Violin or Harpsichord” and “Solos for a German Flute a Hoboy or Violin with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsichord or Bass Violin compos’d by Mr. Handel” were published by John Walsh in 1732 and distributed as an autograph manuscript by Studio per Edizioni Scelte in Florence. The recording of this transcription of the ‘Feuerwerksmusik’ (Fireworks) employs a voice flute in D instead of the original traverse flute, Sonata Nr. 2, g-Moll, HWV 360, Sonata Nr. 4, a-Moll, HWV 362, Sonata Nr. 7, C-Dur, HWV 365 and Sonata Nr. 11, F-Dur, HWV 369 are heard in the original instrumentation for alto recorder and basso continuo.

The strength and clarity of the performers Ruth Wilkinson (recorder), Miriam Morris (viola da gamba) and John O’Donnell (harpsichord) is unmistakeable, they are among the most important musicians in Australia’s Early Music scene and teach at the university of Melbourne. Aesthetic ornamentation in the slow movements and expressive interpretation make this CD a fine listening experience.

—Heida Vissing