American Record Guide

The modern culture of the flute, perhaps more so than instruments like the piano or guitar, has a deplorable tendency toward short-sightedness and backward vision, still centered on the repertoire and pedagogy of a tiny window of music history from early 20th Century Paris (just imagine if all of our literature, cinema, visual art were so tightly limited). The young Richard Craig stands admirably away from this tight little circle; his repertoire list is full of Lachenmann, Sciarrino, Finnissy, and Ferneyhough—no Ravel or Debussy here.

His second disc for Metier is perhaps the most challenging and avant-garde collection that I have heard in some time, with musicologist-composer Fabrice Fitch (he also writes CD reviews) being the most familiar name. I will not try to describe the individual pieces here. Suffice it to say that when one actually hears simultaneous intervals (as in the Fitch) it makes a conservative impression. Bravo to Craig for continuing to strike out into the unknown.

—Tom Moore