The Delius Society Newsletter

All Warlockians and Delians should have an interest in these great rarities from the collection of the late John Bishop who ran Thames Publishing. Some of the pieces such as Capriol Suite and some songs have several versions, but this makes for interesting comparisons. All of the original labels and recording dates are given. Some of the 78s were not in the best condition, but this is the exception. Several of the British critics who have reviewed this set have pointed out a few errors in the booklet notes but this is a minor blemish and would not interfere with your enjoyment of the music.

Several movement of Capriol Suite as arranged by Josef Szigeti are here played by JS himself in rather rough style. Very surprising. A performance of The Curlew features René Soames with Leon Goossens and the Aeolina String Quartet recorded in 1950. I was not impressed with Soames’ voice, surprisingly. John Goss was a friend of Warlock’s and he recorded very little, mostly folk songs, and things like that. Here he is in 1928 singing 5 Warlock songs, and I have to say I didn’t care for his voice at all. Roy Henderson sings quite a few of the songs in 1941 with Gerald Moore at the piano, and these I liked much more.

Three items I found especially good are the Six Nursery Jingles sung by Cecil Cope in 1941, Captain Stratton’s Fancy recorded in 1939, and Sweet and Kind sung by Parry Jones 1934.

This compilation is a treasure trove of very rare recordings. Grab it before it is deleted. [note: it wont be – divine art]