The Chronicle

We don’t struggle with much but we did with this. Gorton is clearly a clever chap — he’s associate head of research studies at the Royal Academy of Music — and uses instrumentation, electronics and samples. Musically, it’s discordant and unsettling, the kind of music enjoyed by people who don’t just want their music to challenge them but stab them with a fork and stamp on their shin.

The title work is about the nature reserve and former secret weapons base at Orfordness, the centre of many weird events, such as UFO sightings. It features a genuine recording of servicemen investigating a UFO sighting.

Austerity Measures II is a scratchy string piece that reminded us of the unsettling music accompanying the original black and white Nosferatu . Fosdyke Wash is as bleak and desolate as the place it describes.

So avant-garde it makes TOC sound like Beyoncé.

—Jeremy Condliffe