Four contemporary composers, four piano trios. John Buckley’s Trio from 2013 is the first on the disc; the music is mostly nervous and flighty. Fergus Johnson’s Trio leaves a stronger impression. After an initial search for its style, the music diverges, with sections in tango and other modern dances that eventually lead, in the last movement, to a Threnody, a dirge.

Rhona Clarke’s second ‘piano trio’ has a first very romantic movement and a second which is very energised. Seóirse Bodley’s Piano Trio ‘Dancing in Daylight’ was composed in 2014 and is a very elaborately crafted piece in the context of Irish folk music.

The Fidelio Trio presents itself as a highly motivated ensemble of great skill. The audio recordings are well balanced and have a natural sound. Anybody liking accessible contemporary music will appreciate these recordings.

—Remy Franck