This is an important disc although many will feel the Busoni preludes are both unoriginal and uninspiring. But the Arthur Bliss is very welcome. [here reviewer describes each Prelude in detail..]……..It is good to have this work available. It is of historical interest. And so to the Arthur Bliss Piano Sonata of 1952 which is vastly superior and has some fascinating forays into ‘a modern style’. The slow movement is akin to a soliloquy, although a chaconne, which is a good contrast to a somewhat disappointing first movement. The finale has a stunning start but I am not convinced that the performance is always controlled. I have heard the piece played better. Nonetheless it has to be remembered that it is an exceptionally difficult piece to play … after all, it is not Mozart or Schubert and I would love to be able to play it. I am pleased to know that Trevor Barnard’s recording of the Bliss Piano Concerto is due for release by Divine Art shortly. This is probably the best British piano concerto in the tonal tradition … a truly splendid work and I am looking forward to it.
Performances *** Recording ****

—David Wright