Musical Opinion

Most of these historic recordings come from a Nixa LP, the others from various LP and 78 sources. The transfers have been particularly well remastered by Andrew Rose of Pristine Audio, but Stephen Sutton of Divine Art has been the guiding hand behind this very welcome and well-filled CD. He also provides very good Booklet Notes. The outstanding performance of the enormously impressive Second Symphonic Suite, for large orchestra, under Monteux was only issued in the UK on an old RCA Camden LP and I do not think the work has had another recording, The Suite from the opera Maximilien is also an only recording, making this collection extremely valuable for collectors and students of this composer. Older readers may well recall the single side of a 10-inch 78rpm in the Columbia History of Music from the mid-1030s, under Walter Goehr, with a clutch of five soloists making up the miniature orchestra to play this miniature Symphony; the three movement work lasts just 3’10” overall! The Five Studies was, I believe, Paul Badura-Skoda’s first recording, so there is much of importance in this CD. Strongly recommended.

—Robert Matthew-Walker