Musical Opinion

If the above list of composers looks somewhat bizarre as a collection for a single CD, in practice this is a most successful record. This is because Anthony Goldstone takes each work entirely on its own merits, with the result that those pieces not requiring intellectual debate are also given their due measure. I am full of praise for his unusual juxtaposition of repertoire.

This is a genuine recital programme, made more important in discographical terms for containing three world premiere recordings: transcriptions of Khachaturian’s suite and Dvorak’s Carnival Overture (made contemporaneously with their composition) and Sydney Smith’s brilliant fantasy. I’d like to see more of Smith’s work on record – was he not the first composer to make a million pounds from sales of his sheet music? What is particularly impressive is that the really serious music here, by Schumann, Chopin and Liszt, all receives excellent performances by this admirable artist.

This is strongly recommended.

—Robert Matthew-Walker