Musical Opinion

Anthony Goldstone has excelled himself in these quite spectacular feats of brilliant pianism. Happily too, Divine Art’s recording of this essentially Gypsy music is exciting and full of real tension, in that there are several moments when I wondered how Goldstone would be able to carry his playing into even more thrilling music than had been achieved in the previous piece. For example, I had never before thought of Brahms’ Hungarian Dances as having an uninhibited quality.

For myself, I was captivated by Goldstone’s own arrangement of Kodály’s Dances of Galánta, which I have never considered possible without all the colours of a symphony orchestra. He has proved me wrong! Other delights are Falla’s Fantasia Baetica, a real find, and Busoni’s Chamber Fantasy on Bizet’s Carmen.

This is a programme of stunning virtuosity enhanced by musicianship of the highest quality. Before the disc comes to an end you will be on the edge of your seat as he generates electrifying excitement with Enescu’s own piano transcription of his famous First Rhapsody.

—Denby Richards