Music And Vision

Bach’s The Art of Fugue was the climax of his technical skills and, with his usual combination of musical richness and instrumental knowledge, the composer achieved another masterpiece.

When the modern piano took control, the music changed. Pianist Diana Boyle well understands Bach’s sixteen Contrapuncti , which, step-by-step, created The Art of Fugue as music beyond belief, even beyond the reach of the 21st century.

Bach’s music, Boyle said in a recent interview, ‘is not piano music’ and, when she plays Bach, she ‘is often thinking of the violin, not least in the variety of articulation which the violin is capable of.’

Of the three [Bach] recordings featured here, Boyle’s CD captivates me most. She has made a very good performance and understands the nature of the music, but most of all, she is genuine.

—George Balcombe