Midwest Record

No Marx Brothers in sight but there is a dandy solo piano set in which Goldstone serves up a tasty tour de force where he doesn’t just take a spin through a handful of opera classics, he puts his own spin to them as well. From the Green Hornet to Rigoletto to stuff you might not know, this is a diversion for opera fans that want something new that doesn’t take them too far afield.

An initial impulse is to decry the foul economy and say that in a perfect world this would have been a mighty box set. On second thought, who needs that cleverness? The only unifying factor on these three sets is that Goldstone proves he can play anything with such absolute mastery, subtly and style. Taking his piano wizardry to familiar themes in the various genres he presents, each one is just such a joy that you could put them on your Ipod shuffle and not miss a beat as they play randomly. A great talent at the top of his stride, there is simply nothing on any of these three sets that isn’t enjoyable, probably by anyone. This is great music to just sit back and let it wash over you.

—Chris Spector