Liverpool Daily Post

An unexpected delight. The composer E J Moeran, who died in 1950, spent a good deal of time recording folk singing in Norfolk, and was reputed to have been thrown out of every pub in the county. During 1942, his fine symphony was recorded by Heward and the Halle Orchestra, financed by the British Council, and despite its age has been in and out of the catalogue ever since, despite more modern competition. It reappears again on the Divine Art label, with the String Trio recorded in 1941, by the Pougnet Trio in Cheltenham. Also here are two songs sung by the great Heddle Nash in 1945 and some folk songs from more than 80 years ago, which sounds as if the male quartet had just emerged from the pub, which the notes justify in speculating on the famous topers who were involved. The engineer has done a fine job of restoring these historical treasures.

—Peter Spaull