Klassisk Musikkmagasin

The fall-out from the Mozart year continues, with this CD neatly linking it with the Grieg celebrations of this year: it contains one of the four piano sonatas to which Grieg added a second piano part. It’s a delightful experiment, too: Grieg didn’t simply flesh out the harmonies but has the second piano answering phrases in the first part, decorating them, commenting on them to reveal aspects of the music that might otherwise escape the ear – rather as Mozart does himself in the genuine two-piano sonata also recorded here.

Grieg effectively gives us a new Mozart work – and Anthony Goldstone (who with his wife Caroline Clemmow makes up the duo Goldstone and Clemmow) definitely does that with his realisation of the Sonata for Two Pianos in B flat major, somehow conjuring 21 minutes of absolutely convincing Mozart from a handful of fragments that, played continuously, would last only three-and-a-half minutes. This is a major addition to the repertoire. The performances are both lovingly attentive to detail and fizz with energy, and the recorded sound is as natural as the morning sun.

—Martin Anderson