There is something disturbing in Graham Lynch’s compositions that are interspersed as wedges between the harpsichord works of Francois Couperin. Is it actually the Couperin’s works that are like wedges between Lynch’s works?

Lynch cannot be found in the Wikipedia, but he obtained his doctorate in composition at King’s College, London and studied with Oliver Knussen among others. Just like his mentor, he has developed a bond with a style of music that is already passé – the baroque – but has developed and built on it further. The result is a collection of small pieces inspired by Couperin, but in Satie’s spirit. Often they are stylishly and quietly meditative, sometimes strongly expressive and always tonally ambiguous or expansive.

The most convincing work is the five-part Beyond the River God , which is built on a similar form to that used by Couperin.

Assi Karttunen plays everything with flying colours. Ultimately the idea of combining Lynch with Bach’s and Rameau’s contemporary shows that they are not so distant.

—Wilhelm Kvist