Glasgow Herald

The husband-and-wife team of Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow have, for many years, been established as the UK’s pre-eminent two-piano team, storming their way, on CD and in concert, through the highways and byways of a repertoire that is a neglected treasure trove of classic arrangements and transcriptions of symphonies, concertos, and chamber music.

Their trawling of two-piano music has brought to the surface masterworks that are both entertaining and informative. Seldom have they produced such a fascinating collection as in this, their latest disc, which brings together a set of eight pieces inspired by the east. As well as arrangements of music by “traditional” figures including Borodin (In the Steppes of Central Asia) , and Saint- Saëns (Caprice Arabe) , the playlist includes weirdly authentic- sounding versions of Adam Gorb’s Yiddish Dances, Colin McPhee’s Balinese Ceremonial Music – you can see why Benjamin Britten was knocked out by this stuff – and John Mayer’s beguiling Sangit Alamkara Suite.

Goldstone and Clemmow are past masters at simulating the Romantic orchestra on two pianos: they make an impressive crack at replicating the sound of a Balinese gamelan, too. Okay, it’s a curio; but the playing, as ever, is of blistering intensity and glittering virtuosity.

—Michael Tumelty