Frankfurter Neue Presse

Chopin is one of the favorite composer of piano virtuoso Burkard Schliessmann. In his new recording ” Chronological Chopin ” ( Divine Art), the internationally renowned pianist takes on three CDs a very enlightening journey through the works of Chopin, from the early Scherzo op. 20 and the Ballade op. 23 on the 24 Preludes, Op. 28 to towards the late Polonaise – Fantaisie op . 61.

Here Schliessmann emphasises the intimate essence of the music but without sentimentality . His playing is spirited and brilliant, but shuns the external effect – this is music of noblesse instead of glittering mirage! Every sound is at the right depth, is illuminated in its context, never losing sight of the overall piece . But what most impressed is the almost Bachian clarity with which Schliessmann reveals the structures and lines of Chopin’s composition.

—Michael Dellith