Downtown Music Gallery

We all know Daniel ‘have horn, will play’ Carter from the many bands & situations that he continually shows up in. I know of bassist Tom Zlabinger from his work for the Vision Fest folks as well as our interesting discussions here in the store. I recognize Ken Silverman as a longtime customer of DMG’s but didn’t know he was a musician until he dropped off this disc.

For the ‘Opening’, Tom keeps up a strong central bass groove while acoustic guitar, bassoon & muted trumpet slowly swirl together. As a big fan of the bassoon, it sounds great to hear someone soloing at the center of this unique quartet. Like Henry Cow’s Lindsay Cooper, another great bassoonist, deBrunner keeps that bassoon overflowing with ideas, an ongoing dialogue with the other members of this quartet. Since there is no drummer, Tom’s contrabass often holds down the central rhythm. Daniel Carter, who is a member of Test, can wail with the best of downtown free/jazz giants, while here he lays back and plays more somber and with often restrained elegance. Mr. Silverman switches between acoustic & electric guitar yet also keeps his ideas flowing at a more laid back level, occasionally reminding me of Paul Dunmall’s ace collaborator Philip Gibbs. Daniel Carter plays more trumpet than usual, occasionally muting his horn with a more relaxed & reflective vibe. This music is often dream-like with consistently tight interaction between all four members, sometimes simmering way below the boiling level.

—Bruce Lee Gallanter