The Piano Trio, D 898, Notturno D 897 and ‘Arpeggione’ Sonata D 821 are all original Schubert works and there is certainly nothing amiss to have them labelled unauthorized. So why is this and the previous issue of the ‘Trout Quintet’ been tagged as such? Josef von Gahy, who was not a professional musician, but a Hungarian civil servant happened to be one of Schubert’s closest friends, and his admiration for the composer knew no bounds. They often played together four-hand works and Gahy’s fine playing drew words of praise from Schubert many a time.

By the time of the latter’s death, their relationship had become an inseparable one. As a humble homage to his great idol, Gahy decided to arrange some of Schubert’s pieces for piano duet and this recording embraces three such arrangements plus the ‘Friendship’ Rondo, D 608, an original Schubert piece for two pianos, composed in honour of his great and dedicated friend.

The Goldstone and Clemmow duo, married since 1989, have etched a name for themselves in such repertoire, and these interpretations are as absorbing and entertaining as the arrangements themselves. While always highlighting the romantic streak of these works, they unfailingly bring to the fore both Schubert’s and Gahy’s flair for structure and melody.

—Gerald Fenech