Maybe one has the impression that Schumann, Ravel and Berg are not the best of bedfellows, but this disc certainly proves otherwise. True, the musical timbre of each composer has its own unique individuality, but somehow their spiritual affinity is very similar.

Berg’s Op. 1 and Ravel’s “Miroirs” are contemporary pieces, but while the former reveals the 12-note path Berg was to undertake, “Miroirs” is a prime example of Ravel’s avid attachment to impressionism.

Schumann’s “Humoresque” is one of the composer’s most colourful and romantic pieces, and its freshness has remained undimmed despite its 170 th year of existence.

The Rumanian pianist, Catalina Butcaru is fast making a name as one of the most enterprising and talented musicians around and these interpretations vouch for her considerable ability and sense of natural expressiveness. The issue is also very well served as regards historical and technical information with very detailed annotations. This is a well balanced programme sensitively presented and superbly executed.

—Gerald Fenech