Classic Record Collector

The Trio Santoliquido was founded in Rome in 1942 and from 1956 also played as the Quartetto di Roma with violist Bruno Giuranna. The group suffered from being overshadowed by the Trio di Trieste, perhaps because its members had other musical interests. All three taught and were soloists; the violinist took part in the Quintetto Boccherini and played viola; and the Russian-born cellist was equally busy.

The recording of the C minor trio, new to me, is delectable and more fine-boned than the contemporary one by the BBN Trio from Paris. The pianist is a classicist to her fingertips, throwing off pearl-like runs of notes with a consistently lovely tone, and her artistry is fully matched by her colleagues. The recording is also superb for 1942.

The “Ghost” will be more familiar to more readers, as it was re-issued on Heliodor. It is as splendid as I remember it, with a heartfelt slow movement. The players do not make as much of the introduction to the “Kakadu” Variations as some groups do, but give a very enjoyable performance. The early LP sound is slightly less agreeable than that from 78 rpm. This lovely disc carries an unequivocal recommendation.

—Tully Potter